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Herbal Remedies For Flatulence

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corianderNot only is it embarrassing, flatulence also means that the food you are consuming does not agree with you. There are many herbal remedies that are helpful in containing this problem. A  good solution is to avoid the flatus forming beans and vegetables that also increase bloating and abdominal distress. In certain cases the bacteria present in the intestine are also responsible. Let us see what herbs we can use as home remedies for flatulence.



Helpful Herbs For Flatulence

  • Cumin is a helpful spice to reduce gas formation. The best way to consume it is to grind it coarsely and mix with water. This iron rich spice can also be used to season your curries.

  • Asafoetida commonly known as hing, reduces abdominal gas. It is commonly used in a typical Indian tadka and kills harmful bacteria in the intestine when it is consumed. Powdered hing can also be mixed and had with buttermilk.

  • Coriander seeds have many medicinal properties and one among them is its ability to decrease flatulence. The essential oil has numerous benefits and is also antibacterial. To use, crush a tablespoon of seeds and add to normal cooking. A fine powder can also be made and mixed in plain water.

  • The natural properties of turmeric never cease to amaze us. Many scientific studies have shown that the curcumin which gives it the yellow color can provide relief from the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease, which causes cramps and excess gas in many. A generous pinch of this spice is recommended with every meal.

  • Regularly use caraway seeds for making tea. This gives much needed relief from digestive disorders. Additionally chewing a teaspoon of these seeds after every meal is helpful.

  • Ginger in the dry or fresh form can also be used. It can be boiled with water to make a concentrated broth and taken at regular intervals.


A diet rich in the above mentioned herbs and spices have definite anti flatulent effects. Use them frequently for long term relief.


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Herbal Remedies For Flatulence