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Herbal Remedies For Diaper Rash

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baby in diaperFungus can cause scaling of the skin on a baby's supple bottom leading to diaper rash, that normally results in a cranky and irritable infant. All mothers want to know about suitable herbal remedies which they can use at home to soothe their baby's sensitive skin and quicken healing. These treatments are not only cost effective but are guaranteed to work. Some home remedies for diaper rash are listed below.


Herbs That Heal A Diaper Rash.

  • Pure aloe vera gel is the mildest treatment option that is available. Apply it everyday after bathing your baby. It moisturizes the skin and prevents scaling.

  • A gentle massage with a mixture of coconut and olive oil beats any store brought cream. Coconut oil has natural anti fungal properties and olive oil protects and nourishes the skin.

  • Next time you wash the cloth diapers, use tea tree oil in the rinse water. This kills the harmful yeasts and prevents their growth. This is the best way to avoid the spread of infection. A diluted solution can also be applied directly on the skin.

  • Your baby will love an oatmeal bath that will gently exfoliate the dead cells and reduce irritation. Add finely powdered oats to the bath water regularly.

  • Shea butter is a fabulous natural ointment for a diaper rash. The rich fatty acids in it make it suitable for even the most sensitive skin and has no side effects on use.

  • Calendula extract can be mixed in the regularly used baby cream and applied before every diaper change. It hiders the growth of microbes on the skin and prevents the occurrence of repeated infections.

  • Use lavender essential oil mixed in fine corn starch as a substitute for talcum powder. It will keep the area dry and discourage fungal growth.


Use the above herbs to keep diaper rash at bay so that your baby's bum is soft and smooth at all times. If you notice bleeding from the skin, talk to your doctor immediately. 


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Herbal Remedies For Diaper Rash