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Orgasmic Gifts From Nature

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Boost Your Orgasm With These Nature’s Gifts

Food and sex share a proven closely knit relationship. According to Audrey T. Cross, Ph. D., a former professor of nutrition at the "Columbia University's School of Public Health", "The satisfaction from eating a delicious meal and the satisfaction from having sex both activate pleasure receptors in the brain. This explains why humans often associate eating with sex." There are certain foods that can give your libido a tremendous boost, ensuring stronger orgasms. Here are 10 such foods that you can indulge in for improving your bedroom skills…


Foods To Stimulate Orgasm Levels


1. Spinach

This leafy green vegetable is a good source of vitamin E as well as manganese. While vitamin E improves the production of sex hormones, manganese facilitates the synthesis of estrogen in women. So, make sure that you include this veggie in your diet at least thrice a week.


2. Flaxseeds

These seeds are good sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. Daily intake of one teaspoon flaxseeds can boost the production of testosterone, thus boosting the orgasm levels.


3. Oysters

These seafood delights are well-accepted aphrodisiacs. Thanks to the presence of Omega-3 fatty acids, a dip of which can hamper the sexual performance. The Vitamin B present in this seafood helps in enhancing fertility levels in females, while the zinc aids in testosterone synthesis in males. No wonder it is a popular choice for Valentines’ day menu.


4. Almonds

Studies have proven that almonds have been considered as the symbol of fertility in many nations. Being sources of essential fatty acids, these nuts, in general,have positive impact on sexual health. There are also indications that the aroma of almonds can have mesmerizingly positive effects on female libido.


5. Celery

The potential of celery to ramp up sexual stimulation is well accepted. Celery has the potential to boost androsterone, the odorless hormone released by a male while he perspires.


6. Banana

Munch a banana an hour and a half before you get into action. This yellow fruit is abundant in serotonin, the happy hormone, which lifts your spirits by calming down your nervous system. The results are obvious! Being a rich source of potassium and riboflavin, it helps in improving the levels of testosterone. The phallic shape of this fruit is believed to trigger desire in women as well.

Banana For Better Sexual Life

7. Cardamom

A mildly aromatic spice, it has been widely used in many cultures as a powerful aphrodisiac. This spice is a rich source of cineole, which can improve the blood circulation in the reproductive organs, thus boosting orgasmic effects. No wonder cardamom when mixed with maca is believed to cure impotence in men.


8. Dark Chocolate

It is a good sex booster. The phenethylamine present in the darker variants of chocolate helps you to relax, thus triggering the pleasure levels. Studies have proven that women who enjoy dark chocolate daily have a more satiating sex life.

Dark Chocolate

9. Basil

This herb improves the blood circulation, thus improving the sex drive and orgasms. Let me share a curious trivia about basil here. Mediterranean prostitutes, once upon a time, were believed to apply basil infused oil as perfume to attract customers.


10. Figs

The fig benefits for men are widely accepted ones. These fruits are good sources of amino acids that are essential for boosting the libido and sexual performance. 


So, get started right away! Read, eat, and enjoy!


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Orgasmic Gifts From Nature