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Herbal Remedies For Colic

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ColicIf your baby cries without any reason and shows signs of pain it can be because of colic. Safe herbal remedies have been used by mothers for  centuries to treat this common condition. Excess gas formation and exhaustion have been found to be the two most important contributing factors. Babies suffering from this can cry for more than 3 hours a day  causing much anxiety and worry in parents. Learn how to use common herbs to help your baby get relief.



Herbs Helpful For Colic

  • Mint is a good herb to use as it decreases the painful spasms that occur in the intestine due to the movement of gas. The best way to use it is to steep a teaspoon of dried mint in a cup of clean boiled water. This can be given to the infant gradually over the day.

  • Every mother should know how to use probiotics for colic treatment, as according to a new study lactobacillus reuteri significantly reduces the crying time of the infant. This strain can be found in commercial dairy products and also as supplements.

  • Commonly used herb basil, reduces pain and has a useful extract called eugenol that acts like a sedative and calms the baby. Use it the same way you would use mint.

  • The age old remedy of using fennel seeds has now sufficient clinical data that shows it's effectiveness. The essential oils in it reduce the formation of gas and the painful cramps that accompany it. The most positive result of this study was that it reduced the crying of babies to less than 9 hours a week. Crush the seeds and bring to a boil in water. Strain and feed regularly.

  • A pinch of the pungent asafoetida spice added to the infant's diet goes a long way in killing harmful intestinal bacteria which produce gas that causes discomfort.


These herbs are very handy and give much needed relief to the baby suffering from colic. Regular breast feeding is also recommended as it lowers the risk of developing this condition.  


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Herbal Remedies For Colic