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Top 10 Anti Aging Drinks

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Anti aging drinksCertain drinks are capable of providing anti aging benefits by their antioxidant as well as nutrient content. These drinks can revitalize your skin, thereby delaying the signs of aging. Trail down  to know about the top 10 drinks which aid in keeping you young looking.




1. Green teaRed wine

The naturally high content of polyphenols, antioxidants and epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) in green tea helps in fighting against aging.


2. Red wine

It contains resveratrol, a substance that help your body fight  against age-related illnesses and ward off the signs of aging.


3. Collagen Drink:

This drink which is been made from low molecular fish collagen is believed to fight the skin related signs of aging, since collagen is the common substance in the body and fundamental for the youthfulness of the skin


4. Green Monster Drink:

This particular drink made from apple, carrot, cucumber, kale, organic plain yogurt and olivello is believed to help in boosting your body's defenses against chronic degenerative diseases.

Micronutrient Drink

5. Micronutrient Drink:

This special drink rich in natural micro nutritional elements, which was developed in North Korea is believed to fight against dermatological, neural and brain problems related to aging.


6. Carrot juice:

A glass of this beta carotene rich juice is capable of making your skin glowing and radiant. It’s ability to lift wrinkles is capable of warding off the signs of aging.


7. Beet Juice:

Being capable of naturally flushing out the toxins from bloodstream, leaving behind minerals and other nutrients, beet juice plays a major role in maintaining a healthy skin.


8. Grape Juice:

Having loaded with powerful antioxidants grape juice is capable of giving a radiant glow to your skin and lift wrinkles.

White Tea

9. White Tea:

The extraordinary antioxidant levels in white tea, make it a worthy drink to be considered to fight aging.


10. Water:

The elixir of life, water is a perfect drink for anti aging since drinking a plenty of water would ward off dehydration.


Enjoy these drinks whenever in need of fluids to revitalize your energy and ward off the signs of aging.


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Top 10 Anti Aging Drinks