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Herbal Remedies For Cold And Flu

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Pepper An attack of cold and flu requires soothing herbal remedies to uplift your spirits and health. Herbs are powerful agents against the viruses that are responsible for the symptoms of cough, runny nose, headache and sometimes fever. They are mild enough to be used on children without the side effects that prescription drugs have. Obtaining vitamins and minerals to boost appetite and antioxidants for better health are the benefits of using herbs. People who use them have a faster recovery and suffer less from infections. Let us learn more about such healing herbs.


Home Remedies For Cold And Flu

  • A study showed that honey and lemon mixed in hot water when had regularly by children helped to shorten the duration of illness and reduced tiredness and fatigue. The vitamin C in lemon and antiseptic agents in honey are responsible.

  • Betel leaves, very commonly used in India are natural drugs against cold and flu. According to scientific literature the essential oils that give it a pungent taste are powerful anti viral agents, very helpful for a sore throat. The active ingredient is a phenolic compound called chavicol. Make a hot broth with the crushed leaves and drink it everyday.

  • Black pepper has one of the highest antioxidant activity among spices. It also reduces body pain that is seen when one has a flu. Sprinkle it on food or mix a big pinch into hot soup and milk.

  • Cinnamon is a good spice to use as it has antioxidants that have anti viral properties. The spice can be powdered and used regularly as it also helps to improve immunity.

  • Holy basil also known as tulsi has many natural pain killing compounds that reduce discomfort during a flu. Fresh and dried leaves can be incorporated into a herbal tea.


Herbal remedies now have a scientific backing endorsing  their  effectiveness against cold and flu. Their use in disease management is now more important than ever.  


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Herbal Remedies For Cold And Flu