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Top 5 Fat Fighting Snacks For Women

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Healthy snacksLosing weight the healthy way is definitely a challenge for both sexes. What if women can incorporate top 5 fat fighting snacks in their diet plans and actually see a difference? It is great to know that food which is blamed for that unwanted bulge can now also help fight it. Let us understand the science behind it and see how to gain as much benefit as possible.



1. Flavored Yogurt


Eat more dairy foods to fight the flab is the new weight loss mantra. In a study, significant weight loss was seen when a group of obese adults increased their dairy consumption to three to four times a day. The reason being that calcium which is the main mineral in these foods, helped to reduce the absorption of fat in the intestine by forming a complex with it. This meant that more fat was excreted out of the body which resulted in loss of weight. So for women this means greater benefit from calcium other than just strong bones.


2. Roasted Nuts


We all love the taste of salted nuts. They have good fats that break down slowly and stay in the stomach for longer periods. The high fiber content in them also serves the same purpose. Eating a handful of nuts will reduce hunger and prevent the intake of other fatty and processed foods. Roast them instead of frying and you have a super healthy snack at all times.


3. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potato

One medium sweet potato gives you about 115 k cal and makes a great low fat snack. Moreover the soluble fiber that it contains helps women shed those unwanted pounds. Soluble fiber slows down digestion and keeps blood sugars stable. This prevents overeating and unnecessary snacking. Easy to make it can be microwaved in 10 minutes. Preferably eat it with the skin on.


4. Fruits


A quick snack for women on the go fruits also have other benefits. The natural sugars called fructose in them do not cause blood sugar levels to peak and instead gently raise them. This prevents hunger pangs that are experienced when one eats refined foods. The fiber in the skin and seeds add to satiety which is what weight loss plans aim at.


5. Whole Grain Crackers


Cereals that are not refined and have their bran layer intact have 3 times more fiber than white flours. A cracker made with such cereal will be naturally low in fat and just a few are sufficient as a snack in between meals. An additional benefit is lower blood cholesterol levels and a healthier heart.


These nutrient packed snacks are a must for every woman who wishes to lose weight. They add many essential nutrients and improve fitness. Moderate exercise for 20 minutes a day should be done to tone the body and burn unwanted calories along with it.


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Top 5 Fat Fighting Snacks For Women