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Herbal Remedies For Vitiligo

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A condition wherein certain areas of the skin are devoid of the melanocyte pigment is called vitiligo. To treat this, it is helpful if we are aware of available herbal remedies. Herbs are not only safe to use on adults, many can also benefit children. The cause of vitiligo can be genetic, autoimmune, or stress induced. The natural remedies for this skin problem are explored below.




Few Natural Remedies For Vitiligo

  • The herb gingko biloba has shown many promising results in halting the progress of the disorder. In many who used this,  activation of pigment cells was seen when 40 mg of the extract was used everyday for 6 months. Tablets, capsules, liquid solutions and herbal teas are found easily in the market. However pregnant women should talk to their doctor before beginning its use.

  • St John's wort is a useful remedy as it increases darkening of the skin on exposure to sunlight. Capsules and tablets can be taken.

  • A herb called khela is rich in a natural extract khellin which in clinical studies has shown to make the pigment cells more responsive and active, thus causing darker skin. Khela can be brewed into a hot tea.

  • Green tea benefits for skin are many. Drinking it regularly is helpful to reduce the auto immune response that can cause vitiligo in some individuals. In a lab study it has shown to cause repigmentation in 70 % of the affected skin.

  • Capsacin, the active ingredient in chilli peppers can play a major role in halting the progression of vitiligo. This was seen on oral intake and topical application. Creams that contain this chemical can be used.


Tips For Managing Vitiligo Naturally

  • Use a herbal sunscreen everyday.

  • A diet rich in vitamin C and B 12 is recommended.


Do not shy away from vitiligo, as the above mentioned herbs are sure to help. Relax and take all steps to manage stress.


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Herbal Remedies For Vitiligo