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Top 10 Anti Aging Minerals

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Anti aging mineralsAging occurs as your cells undergoes minor mutations and accumulate toxins which ultimately affects cellular functioning and leads to diminished tissue functions too. Minerals happen to play a prominent role in slowing the process of aging and we would now emphasize on the top 10 anti-aging minerals which can make you look younger. Read on to know more.















Zinc helps in sustaining the enzymes  in the body and  keep your immune  as well as cardiovascular systems hale and healthy.



Selenium neutralizes methylmercury and prevents toxicity  thereby helping to slow the aging process. Being a good source of antioxidant, it also takes care of your brain and nervous system.


3. Boron:

Boron plays a major role in metabolizing the minerals which are ingested and also maintains adequate health of the cell membranes.


4. Magnesium:

This anti-stress mineral is capable of protecting your heart from sudden fluctuations of blood pressure.


5. Calcium

A mineral which would be lost as you age, when supplemented externally chromium is capable of fighting against aging.Calcium



Sodium plays a major role in monitoring blood pressure levels and  may cause kidney troubles in concentrated forms.


8. Potassium:

This mineral is capable of fighting against health troubles commonly linked with aging like hypertension and strokeIodine. Potassium plays a major role in preventing aging.



Iodine is a mineral required by the immune system and thereby boosting health. it also  delays the complications related with aging.


10. Iron:

Being capable of fighting against anemia, iron helps in warding off the palor of face and many other complications related to aging.


Intake of minerals in adequate quantities and a balanced form would help you to fight against aging. Add them to your diet and look forward to turning the clock back!


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Top 10 Anti Aging Minerals