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Herbal Remedies For Sunburn

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Aloe vera

A sunburn is caused after skin is overexposed to harsh UV rays, which makes the skin turn red and painful. Many herbal remedies are present that prevent this damage and also heal the skin. These are important as a sunburn leads to burning, itchy and peeling skin.

While it is important to enjoy the sunshine, an excess should be avoided. The reason being that high amounts of UV rays can give rise to malignant growth we know as skin cancer. Let us see how we can use herbs to our advantage to provide relief from a sunburn.



Few Home remedies For Sunburn 

  • Aloe vera gel has high amounts of moisture that soothes the burn and heals the skin. Pure gel or creams that contain this are useful. If you have the plant at home, cut open the leaf and scrape the gel out. It can be refrigerated to prevent spoilage.

  • Carrot seed oil is a natural sunscreen. It prevents the formation of a suntan and reduces darkening of skin. The natural oils in it are rich moisturizing agents and ward of dryness.

  • Lavender essential oil is mild enough to be used on children and those who have sensitive skin. It shows quick results by reducing redness and burn.

  • A cold compress with a tea bag is helpful as it is rich in natural plant compounds called tannins. They help to repair the skin and also form a coating that is protective.

  • Virgin coconut oil when applied on skin helps nourish and heal the damaged areas due to the rays of the sun. Apply gently on skin and leave overnight for best results.

  • Rose water is a solution made of distilled water and rose petals. It can shrink the blood vessels that cause pain, hence its application is recommended. It also heals the blisters that are formed on the surface of the skin.


Tips For Managing Sunburn Naturally

  • Lacto calamine is a soothing lotion and can be used directly on skin.

  • Plenty of water will keep the body cool and hydrated.

  • A diet rich in beta carotene foods like tomato and greens is helpful to maintain skin integrity.

Use the above herbs and you are sure to feel a difference. Use a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses before stepping out. 


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Herbal Remedies For Sunburn