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Nutrition Tips For Teenage Girls

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Healthy teenThe teenage years are the most important in a young girl's life. Since this is a period of growth and development, good nutrition tips take priority. They help to improve the general health and prevent vitamin and mineral deficiencies that can have an adverse effect. This period is considered to be a formative one and if right eating habits are reinforced during the teens they have a positive impact all through life. Let us look at some easy to follow health guidelines for teenage girls.




  • Never Skip Breakfast


A common habit, it is the number one cause of weakness and anemia in this age and gender group. Many girls do it as a means to quick weight loss and for some it is due to a lack of time. A hearty and healthy breakfast keeps one charged all day and prevents fatigue and hunger. Wheat flakes, oats porridge, wheat sandwich are healthy breakfast ideas for teenage girls. Adding a fruit and milk to this will keep immunity high. 


  • Sufficient Dairy Products


Teen girls think that milk and curd is no longer required by them. This is not true as calcium rich dairy is needed every single day regardless of age. For girls it is even more important as peak calcium absorption is till the early 20's. It may sound far fetched, but consuming at least 2 servings of low fat dairy a day can surely reduce risk of bone disorders that are common after menopause.


  • Fruits And Vegetables

Mixed Fruits

They are a girl's best friends. Honestly! Fruits and vegetables are power packed with antioxidant vitamins such as  A and C and minerals like iron, potassium and magnesium. Iron rich greens like dill and fenugreek help prevent anemia that is mostly seen due to menstrual losses and poor dietary intake. 4 – 5 servings a day are recommended and include cooked and raw vegetables, their juices, pulps and purees, as well as the dried form.


  • Whole Grains

Rye bread

To keep those brains working, glucose is the most important fuel. Whole cereals are the richest sources of glucose and fiber in the diet and according to a recent study their consumption is on the lower side by teens. Fad diets that promote carbohydrates as bad, are a big influence. Sufficient whole grains help uplift mood and reduce irritability. Aim to get at least 3 servings a day. Brown rice, whole wheat, rye, barley among others are good options.


  • Say No To Junk

Cup cakes

How much ever the peer pressure, it is best to keep away from ready to eat processed foods and carbonated beverages. These are high in sugar and sodium that can cause obesity and increase the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Also according to a recently concluded study, junk food can increase depression as they are devoid of essential nutrients and good fatty acids. Go for healthy snacks like low sodium popcorn and whole wheat crackers.


The above shared tips are important and play a positive role in the challenging lives of teenage girls and must be part of their well balanced diet. Good health begins early in life so keep that in mind and enjoy life!


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Nutrition Tips For Teenage Girls