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Are Walnut Oatmeal Cookies Healthy

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Walnut oatmeal cookiesWalnuts are famously known as the “brainy nuts” and oatmeal is considered as the much-required tonic for a number of health ailments. Mixing these ingredients into a cookie would surely make for a tasty treat, but are walnut oatmeal cookies healthy too? Or do the adjuncts added just negate all the health benefits of these principle ingredients… read on to find out.

Nutritional composition of walnut oatmeal cookies

The values given here are for standardized oatmeal and walnut cookies prepared using flour, butter, and sugar as the main adjuncts. The commonly available commercial brands combine several other ingredients like chocolate chip, peanuts, raisins, etc. to the recipe. This greatly changes the nutritional value of the cookies and they have not been included in this discussion.

Total calories – 125kcal

Total fat – 5 gm

Saturated fat – 1.5 gm

Cholesterol – 1 mg

Total carbohydrates – 18 gm

Sugar – 8 gm

Dietary fiber – 2 gm

Protein – 1.5 gm

Sodium – 90 mg

Health benefits of walnut oatmeal cookies:

  • Walnuts are a rich source of ALA – alpha linolenic acid, a n essential fatty acid that is purported to reduce CVD risk and congenital nervous disorders.

  • Walnuts are called brain food not just because of their shape. They are a rich source of omega – 3 fatty acids, which are essential for proper growth and development of central nervous system. Studies have shown that regular consumption of walnuts increases the IQ of pre-schoolers.

  • Oats are good source of fiber and help reduce cholesterol levels in the body. They are supposed to help prevent heart disease risk by at least 50% to 75%

  • Walnut cookies promote the release of Melatonin – a hormone involved in the circadian rhythm of the body and help prevent insomnia and reduce symptoms related to jet lag.

  • walnut and oatmealCombined intake of oats and walnuts provides the body with a mix of antioxidants that help prevent a number of inflammatory disease conditions.

Disadvantages of eating walnuts oatmeal cookies:

Nut allergy is a highly fatal condition that is fast getting common among children. Consumption of walnut oatmeal cookies by people allergic to tree nuts can lead to an anaphylactic shock and probable death.

Even though, the fats present in walnuts are healthy, it adds extra calories to the diet. These excess calories ultimately get stored as saturated fat in the body and contribute to CVD risk.

The adjunct ingredients added to walnut oatmeal cookies add empty calories and sodium to the snacks; thereby effectively nullifying the beneficial virtues of walnuts and oatmeal.

Even though, walnuts and oats are healthy, there are several other ways to consume them. Adding these ingredients into a cookie only serves to increse the unhealthy food portion of ones diet and must be avoided whenever possible. It is recommended to eat walnut oatmeal cookies as occasional treats and avoid them in regular diet.

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Are Walnut Oatmeal Cookies Healthy