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Health Effects Of Eating Rotten Zucchini

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ZucchiniDid you know that eating rotten zucchini can have many undesirable health effects? This is because the microbes that are responsible cause many diseases when ingested. The food poisoning that occurs is normally severe in children, pregnant women and the elderly. Prevention is better than cure and with this in mind we will understand more about the factors that determine food safety of zucchini. A brief discussion follows.





    Causes Of Spoilage

    • E coli and salmonella are the bacteria responsible for spoilage.

    • Improper storage results in making zucchini unfit for consumption.


    Health Problems Caused By Rotten Zucchini

    • E coli can enter the crop through contaminated water or soil. When it is consumed, this bacteria multiplies in the intestine and causes symptoms in 24 to 72 hours. Sudden onset of diarrhea with blood is noticed first. Gas formation, abdominal cramps and fever is common. In severe cases, blood in the urine is also seen.

    • Salmonella bacteria contaminates zucchini easily and causes loose stools with mucous, headache, abdominal cramps and fever. Dehydration is the biggest risk of this infection for which hospitalization also may be needed. Antibiotic therapy must be started immediately.


    Tips To Identify Rotten Zucchini

    • Look for ones with bright green or yellow skin.

    • No wrinkles or spots must be present on the skin.

    • The flesh should be firm and bruise free.

    • In stores, only the ones kept under refrigeration are safe to eat.


    Follow the above tips and you will never fall victim to food poisoning again. Fresh and safe zucchini means food safety is guaranteed.


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    Health Effects Of Eating Rotten Zucchini