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Herbal Remedies For Prostate Cancer

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When the cells of the prostate gland multiply abnormally it leads to the growth of a cancerous tumor. Herbal remedies can help in managing the pain and complications of chemotherapy such as a dry mouth, loss of appetite and weight loss. Men who are above the age of fifty are more at risk and diet along with genes are the biggest contributors to this type of cancer. The following herbs are believed to be useful for containing prostate cancer.



Herbal Supplements For Cancer Of The Prostate

  • Curcumin the yellow pigment present in turmeric has shown the ability to kill cancer cells in the prostate in many lab studies. Use half a teaspoon of dry turmeric everyday in your meals. Using black pepper along with this increases the absorption of curcumin by a massive 2000%. The best thing to do is use the two spices in combination.

  • Consuming garlic regularly not only reduces risk of prostate cancer but according to a research done by New York's Cornell University , it can also kill the unhealthy cells that are affected.

  • Using fish oils regularly means a lower risk of death from this disease. The omega 3 fatty acids help reduce pain and inflammation which improve health of cancerous cells. For vegetarians cold pressed flax seed provides the same benefits.

  • Onions and leeks also help as they have an active ingredient called allicin that is an anti cancer agent. Making these pungent vegetables a regular part of the diet is very helpful.

  • Fennel seeds have natural estrogen that mimics the one produced in the body. Using it when undergoing radiation therapy can provide positive results.


Tips For Managing Prostate Cancer Naturally

  • A nourishing diet will help improve immunity and strength.

  • Avoiding red meat and alcohol is helpful.

  • Fresh fruits and vegetable juices are hydrating and rich in antioxidants.

  • A regular exercise routine is beneficial.


Prostate cancer is not the end of the road. Using the above herbs along with the drugs prescribed by the doctor is the best way to improve prostate health and speed up recovery. 




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Herbal Remedies For Prostate Cancer