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Herbal Remedies For Multiple Sclerosis

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An inflammatory condition affecting the nerves, caused by the body’s own immune system is called multiple sclerosis. The drugs available for this condition have many side effects;  hence the use of herbal remedies is being widely advocated. Even though there is not enough evidence that herbs always work, current research for multiple sclerosis will hopefully deliver some promising results. This is needed as multiple sclerosis weakens muscles over time while disrupting normal balance and coordination. Let us look at some herbs that can complement the treatment for multiple sclerosis.


Few Natural Remedies For MS

  • The use of flax seed oil seems to have as much benefit as anti inflammatory drugs to treat multiple sclerosis. The omega 3 fatty acid content is responsible for this. Fatty fish and fish oils can also be used.

  • Curcumin content of turmeric has shown in lab studies to help delay the progression of multiple sclerosis. This is because it protects the nerve membranes from further damage and degeneration.

  • An antioxidant called flavonoid present in many herbs and spices, helps heal the injury that inflammation causes to the nerves. Use of natural spices and herbs is encouraged.

  • Ginkgo biloba helps to treat the dullness that is caused by multiple sclerosis. Capsules, tablets and teas that contain this herb are easily available.

  • Green tea is rich in an antioxidant called epigallocatechin-3-gallate which plays a helpful role in fighting inflammation.


Tips For Managing Multiple Sclerosis Naturally

  • Consume a nourishing diet full of vitamins and minerals

  • Exercise goes a long way in improving muscle function.

  • Yoga and stress management are helpful.

  • Natural vitamin D in the form of sunshine is recommended.

Multiple sclerosis can be overcome with adequate treatment and herbs form an important part of it. Reduce stress levels and stay positive, no matter what.


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Herbal Remedies For Multiple Sclerosis