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Health Effects Of Eating Rotten Sausage

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SausageIsn’t the smell of a fried sausage simply divine? However much we enjoy this processed delicacy, there must be an understanding of the health effects that come with eating rotten sausages which are made from minced meat and salt with spices added to impart flavor. Red  and white meat are both used for sausages. Meat can be a possible source of contamination and care must be taken by following adequate food safety steps. Let us learn more about the safety practices in regards to sausages.



    Causes Of Spoilage

    • The usage of raw meat that is contaminated by bacteria is the most common cause of spoilage.

    • Improper cooking means that pathogens will grow and multiply, eventually causing spoilage.


    Health Problems Caused By Rotten Sausage

    • E coli bacteris has caused numerous cases of food poisoning especially in children. It survives the processing steps of sausage making if conditions are suitable. Watery diarrhea, nausea and vomiting are common. The best way to kill E coli is to treat the sausage with high temperature.

    • Botulism is a disease that is common after eating rotten sausage. Smoking sausages provides the C botulinum bacteria the perfect moist environment it thrives in. Paralysis of the facial muscles that cause difficulty in speech and vision is seen on consumption. Slowly the respiratory muscles also fail which can cause death.

    • Salmonella bacteria can cause spoilage of the meat that leads to the whole sausage getting contaminated . Bloody diarrhea and fever are the results of an infection. Immediate treatment is required.


    Tips To Identify Rotten Sausage

    • Looking at the 'use by' date on the package is a good way to avoid buying rotten sausage.

    • A foul smell indicates spoilage.

    • Visible mold growth means that it is unfit for consumption.

    • If it is stored at room temperature, it is most likely contaminated.


    Sausages can now be enjoyed by following the above safety tips. After all, food safety is your safety.


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    Health Effects Of Eating Rotten Sausage