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5 Reasons To Eat Turkey For Breakfast

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Turkey for breakfast

Thanksgiving need not be the only time to eat turkey for breakfast; this meat is healthy and hearty enough to be had regularly. Not believable? then do read through the amazing health benefits you can enjoy by including turkey in your morning meal.


Benefits of eating Turkey for breakfast


1.Provides daily dose of good quality lean protein

Each serving of turkey meat fulfils up to 65% of daily protein needs but provides less than 12% of saturated fats permissible per day. Turkey being animal protein is high biological value and supplies all essential amino acids to the body.


2.Enhances mood and promotes brain function

Turkey is a rich source of tryptophan, which is a precursor of serotonin – a known mood enhancer. It helps clam mind and improve concentration. The other amino acids present in the meat promote metabolism and synthesis of several neurotransmitters, which improve brain function.


3.Prevents Heart Disease

Turkey with its skin removed has least amount of saturated fats in any animal protein. It proves less that 12% of total fats allowed and is a good source of PUFA. Regular consumption of Turkey meat along with a balanced healthy diet is known to prevent progression of heart disease.


4.Prevents Cancer

Turkey meat is a good source of Selenium the wonder mineral that acts as a potent antioxidant. A good level of selenium in the body is known to prevent cancer, aging, inflammation, and related ailments.


Turkey sandwich5.Benefit from a complete package of B vitamins

This meat fulfils the RDA for almost all B vitamins. The most notable of these include Vitamin B3 and Vitamin B6. Turkey meat provides 36% of RDA for B3  and 27% of RDA for B6.


Tips to include Chicken in breakfast


  • Turkey Sausage – Easiest to prepare (provided you purchase readily available sausage) and yummy to taste. Turkey sausage is low in fat and high in nutrition.


  • Turkey in Burrito – A perfect breakfast idea for those who believe in a big breakfast. This will surely prevent you from snacking in the mid morning hours.


  • Turkey Sandwich – all you need is some boiled and shredded turkey meat (leftover turkey will do just fine) and some fresh bread. That’s about all you will need to prepare this amazing breakfast.


  • Chicken casserol – So breakfast needs to be an elaborate affair at your house, these hpw about trying a chicken casserole.


So, be it fall or be it spring let turkey for breakfast be your thingJ. It not just tastes good but is economic and healthy too.


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5 Reasons To Eat Turkey For Breakfast