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5 Reasons To Eat Rice For Breakfast

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rice for breakfastEven though, rice is the staple grain of over 50% of world population, it is rarely considered as a breakfast food in this part of the world. However, with its several health benefits and easy to cook preparations, rice is a great way to start the day. In fact, it is a common feature in several Asian and African breakfast tables. Worried about gaining weight and not convinced about consuming it the 1st thing in the morning, then read on for some healthy reasons to include rice right in the morning.


Benefits of eating Rice for breakfast


1.Good source of cholesterol free energy

Rice is low fat and cholesterol free, but can provide up to 100 kcal per serving. Since, much of this energy is from carbohydrates; it helps to recharge brain function for a good start to the day. Moreover, as per the concepts of “Big Breakfast,” the high-energy intake keeps one fuller for a longer time and helps reduce unhealthy snacking. This in turn leads to sustained weight loss in the long run.


2.A trove of vitamins and trace nutrients

Rice is a rich source of several B complex vitamins and trace minerals. It is abundant in niacin, thiamine, riboflavin, Vitamin D, iron, and calcium. These nutrients being available in the right proportions are known to promote general wellness, prevent age related dementia, and retard the progress of certain types of cancers.


3.Gluten free

People with gluten allergy are always in search of gluten free flour substitutes that do not taste like paper. However, they need not worry at all, for rice is one of the best and easiest options available. You need not go through any recipe modifications or ingredient substitutions when preparing breakfast rice. 


4.Good source of soluble and insoluble fibers

The high presence of soluble and insoluble fibers in rice helps maintain GI health. Rice porridge and rice water are highly recommended as an energy drink for convalescents. The insoluble fiber adds roughage to the gut and helps prevent constipation, while the soluble fiber tends to absorb water and prevent diarrhea.


5.Pre-biotic in nature

Rice is a good source of a particular type of carbohydrate called resistant starch. This carb is not absorbed by the body; instead, stays in the large intestine where it acts are feed to the probiotic microorganisms and help them thrive. This in turn helps maintain a healthy microbial gut flora and prevent proliferation of pathogens.


A rice bowlTips to choose the right variety of rice

One might wonder why rice is infamous as a lethargy inducing and fattening grain, if it is teeming with health benefits. The problem lies not in the rice but the type of rice chosen. There are over 25,000 varieties of rice available. However, most of these can be categorized as either white rice or brown rice. This classification doesn’t refer to the natural color of the rice grains but the extent of processing that the grain undergoes before being marketed. White rice is typically stripped of the outer layers of germ and barn to give it a more polished and “aesthetic” look. While brown rice under goes least amount of processing.

While white rice is starchy and contains very little insoluble fiber, brown rice is a rich source of both soluble and insoluble fiber along with several B vitamins. As is evident brown rice is a healthier option than white rice.


Best ways of preparing rice for breakfast


  • Breakfast Rice Porridge: It is one of the most common and easiest to prepare dishes. Just cook the rice and milk in a pot and add honey and fruits if you like it sweet or cheese, salt and seasoning for a savory version.


  • Layered rice bowl: This is a perfect dish for those who like a wholesome and big breakfast. The serving size will depend upon the size of your bowl. To prepare the bowl create layers of cooked rice, egg, vegetables, and meat. Top it with some shredded cheese, bake and serve.


  • Rice and eggs: This makes for an ultimate healthy breakfast choice. All you need to do is scramble eggs and mix it with cooked rice, you can use leftover rice if in a hurry, add some spices and seasonings, and your breakfast is ready.


  • Rice and Oatmeal pudding:  Another healthy combination. Make this whenever you have time to spend in kitchen. Cook rice, oatmeal, honey, milk, and spices over a low flame until the mixture thickens and reaches a pudding consistency.


So dare to be different and have rice for breakfast. If nothing else you will be able to prove it to the detractors that, it doesn’t make one lethargic but more vigilant. However, beware of the white rice trap; choose natural varieties like wild rice, black rice, brown rice, and other such unpolished ones.


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5 Reasons To Eat Rice For Breakfast