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Herbal Remedies For Burns

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Honey for burnsThere are many herbal remedies that act as a first aid treatment for burns. Burns can be caused by heat, chemicals or even light. They are very painful and severe burns can cause a disruption of electrolyte balance, loss of fluids, damage of multiple organs and even death. The herbal remedies mentioned in this blog are to treat the small burns that occur at home. Major burns need proper management failing which  the results can be  fatal especially where young children and the elderly are concerned. Let us look at some of the herbs deemed useful for burns.



Few Home Remedies For Burns Treatment

  • The application of turmeric mixed with honey is very helpful due to their wound healing properties. Care must be taken to use good quality pasteurised honey which minimizes the risk of infection.

  • Aloe vera gel is cooling and helps to reduce the burning sensation and pain that is common. It also replaces the lost moisture from the surface of the skin. Topical application of the gel is recommended.

  • The essential oils of lavender can soothe and heal the burnt tissue. It reduces the scarring of the skin and helps in managing pain better. A few drops can be gently rubbed on the affected area.

  • Chamomile tea is good as a rinsing agent for the burnt tissue. Boil sufficient tea leaves to make a concentrate. Alternatively chamomile essential oil can be added to the bath water or applied on the skin.

  • Neem leaves reduce pain and inflammation just like a tablet of aspirin would do. This makes it very useful to treat minor burns. Neem soaps and oils are easily available in the market and can be used everyday.

Tips For Managing Burns Naturally

  • A cold compress with ice cubes is helpful.

  • Vitamin A rich diet consisting of greens and yellow orange fruits and vegetables help in skin repair.

  • Cooling sandalwood paste can be applied on burnt skin.

  • Using vitamin E oil on skin heals it effectively.

Burns take a long time to heal and herbal remedies play a helpful role in this process. A doctor should be contacted immediately if a discharge is noticed from the wound or pain increases.

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Herbal Remedies For Burns