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Best Foods To Control Gout

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Gout big toe

A painful condition that involves the inflammation of joints and causes them to become red and swollen is called gout. Genetics and lifestyle play a major role in increasing the risk of gout. Diet is an important modifiable factor and the best foods to control gout are discussed in this blog. Gout occurs when the body is unable to excrete sufficient amount of uric acid in the urine which causes it to accumulate in the blood. It commonly affects the big toe and can result in fever and formation of kidney stones. It is more common in men than in women due to the higher muscle mass. Overweight individuals arealso prone to retain more uric acid in their blood. Let us see how the consumption of low purine foods can help in control and  treatment of gout.


  • Cereals And Grains

White Bread

The fiber rich bran layer of all cereals are high in purine. While whole grain cereals are recommended for good health, it is better to have a moderate consumption of germ and bran rich cereals when one is suffering from gout. Choose refined rice, white flour, white bread, pasta and noodles as they are low in purine and help to control gout.


  • Fruits

Fruit salad

They are naturally low in purine and all fruits are recommended. Eat with skin wherever possible as dietary fiber according to research can aid in the reduction of further gout attacks. Unstrained low sugar juices can also be consumed as too many sugary drinks can increase risk of gout.


  • Vegetables

Carrot salad

All vegetables can be consumed. More vegetables mean more fiber which is very helpful. Spinach, peas, beans, asparagus, cauliflower and mushroom in the vegetable group contain the most amount of purine. Have these in moderation. The use of 2 bowls of fiber rich salad everyday is encouraged which will prevent overeating and contribute in reducing the calorie content of the meal.


  • Protein Rich Foods

 Pickled Eggs

Eggs and nuts are very low in purine and can be consumed regularly. Among fish only eel and crayfish have moderate purine content which are very helpful in controlling gout. Organ and game meat are to be restricted. Meat gravies are also purine rich and their consumption must be kept to a minimum.


  • Milk And Milk Products


They do not increase risk of gout as they are very low in purine. Low fat milk, yogurt and cheese make for better and healthier choices.


Including these foods means a lower recurrence of gout and better weight management. Medications are a must for high uric acid levels. Talk to your doctor for more information.

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Best Foods To Control Gout