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Essential Vitamins And Minerals For Men

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Young man exercisingOf the 40 plus nutrients that the human body needs, vitamins and minerals top the list. These are essential for men to produce energy and regulate many important body functions. Vitamin and mineral deficiency is becoming common as processed food, alcohol and smoking are normal practices in the lives of men now. This can lead to lethargy and a low immune system that makes the body prone to infection and illness. Vitamins and minerals are also required for the proper functioning of major organs like the heart, brain and kidneys. Let us learn more about these important nutrients.


1. Calcium


The role of calcium goes beyond maintaining strong teeth and bones. Sufficient calcium is needed for muscles to work well and the most important muscle is the heart. A strong heart needs plenty of calcium in the form of low fat dairy and green vegetables. Men should aim to get 1000 mg of calcium per day. Calcium supplement benefits are the greatest from a natural source


2. Potassium

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The most important function of potassium for men is its ability to regulate metabolism and keep men healthy. Reduced risk of stroke and lower levels of blood pressure are seen as amount of potassium in the diet is increased. Get plenty of fruits and vegetables that are rich in potassium. Reduced sugar juices are also good options.


3. Zinc


Zinc is vital to maintain the prostate in a good condition as well as regulate a high sperm count and good sexual health. It is also helpful to boost immunity. Oysters, liver, sesame seeds and wheat germ are the best sources.

4.Vitamin C


Fertility levels are high in men who have sufficient stores of this vitamin. This is because vitamin C helps to make sperms that are of high quality. This is also a good antioxidant and prevents onset of chronic diseases. The Indian amla is by far the best source of Vitamin C. Guavas follow suit.

5. Vitamin E

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According to latest research, Vitamin E supplements can help reduce risk pf prostate cancer which is one of the major causes of mortality in men. Also the risk of a man suffering from Alzheimer's decreases when there is a good intake of vitamin E. It is best that one sticks to natural food sources of vitamin E such as sunflower seeds, almonds, spinach and vegetable oils.


6. Vitamin D

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    Researchers have found that vitamin D reduces performance anxiety and improves sexual health. It is also great to uplift mood and keep depression at bay. While UV rays from sunshine help to form plenty of vitamin D, fish oil, butter, egg yolk and liver are good food sources to choose from.


    The fitness and well being of men depend on the above minerals and vitamins. They are easy to incorporate into a daily diet plan and their benefits are manifold.


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    Essential Vitamins And Minerals For Men