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Are You Allergic To Water Without Knowing It?

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Nobody can think of being allergic to water, right? After all, water is the reason for human existence. Then how come some of us develop allergic reactions to water without knowing about it? Well, that is what this blog tries to explain. So in future you can stay safe from water allergy.


1) What is Water Allergy?


The scientific name for this condition is Aquagenic pruritis and doctors say that the condition remains largely undetected because “if a person showers every day and has urticaria every day, their doctor would think they just have chronic urticaria.” Nobody would think water to be the culprit. In fact, in some cases, the doctors have even thought that the problem could be because of soap or detergent allergy. This condition affects one in 230 million people in the world and, thus, is very rare.


2) Aquagenic Pruritis


This condition results when someone is exposed to water of any temperature.It is believed to be a miserable condition because the sufferers cannot go swimming, relax in a hot bath, or enter a water balloon fight. What’s worse! The victims of this allergic condition can also become too cautious of slurpy kissing because saliva may irritate their skin the same way as water. The same goes true for saliva as well as tears.


3) Saving Grace


While scientists are still struggling to find the reason behind this allergy, they are able to treat it still, with a mix of anti-cholinergic medicines, antihistamines, and SSRI drugs. As of now, doctors recommend applying capsaicin cream twice or thrice every day. Other options include leukotriene-receptor antagonists, beta-blockers, and ultraviolet B phototherapy. There is also a saving grace in the fact that people allergic to water can still drink it on a daily basis. The only thing they need to be careful about is not to bring water into contact with their outer skin.


4) The Symptoms Water allergy 2


The symptoms for the water allergy range from migraine-like pain to welts on the skin. However, that is not all. Other symptoms for this allergy are itching, prickly sensation, and even burning sensation over the area where water touched. Some patients have even had rashes. These symptoms may last from a few minutes to several hours.


5) A Woman’s Pain


Dr. Alan Baptist, who works with the University of Michigan as associate program director for allergy and immunology, was approached by a patient, a young woman, who was experiencing headaches and reddish welts on her skin because of this condition, unknowingly though. Another woman, Michaela Dutton, also complained of a similar problem, in her case aquagenic urticaria. In Dutton’s case, she can’t even drink coffee, fruit juice or tea, which is a shame. She can only drink Diet Coke but even that is not good for her as the Diet Coke has its own share of health problems.


Water allergy is a reality today and, even though rarely, people are still suffering from this problem. You cannot do without water even for a day but that is what the patients of this allergic condition are forced to do. In case you know of someone who suffers similarly, share this information with them.


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Are You Allergic To Water Without Knowing It?