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Health Effects Of Eating Rotten Corn

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Corn on the cobEating rotten corn can cause dangerous health effects, those of food poisoning . The golden yellow corn can get contaminated by bacteria and fungi mainly due to negligence and poor food safety practices followed by us. Corn is a staple in many countries and is used widely as a boiled snack or in the canned form. Let us understand the factors that determine the safety and spoilage of corn thus preventing ill health.


Causes Of Spoilage

  • Mold growth in the field is very common if wet conditions prevail.

  • Improperly canned corn can be a source of harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness.

Health Problems Caused By Rotten Corn

  • Molds produce toxins called as aflatoxins on the corn as they grow. This can occur if storage conditions are improper. Even if one corn kernel has mold growth it spreads unnoticed to the whole cob. The health effects are digestive problems, fluid retention, and impaired absorption of important nutrients. A high dose aflatoxin exposure can damage vital organs like the liver.

  • If canning of corn is not done at high enough temperatures, it results in contamination by a bacteria called C botulinum. It results in difficulty in swallowing, dryness of mouth and impaired speech. If left untreated it can cause paralysis of important respiratory muscles which can lead to death.

  • Improper hygiene followed in the kitchen can result in the corn getting contaminated with E coli bacteria. This means fever, nausea and diarrhea. The severity increases in children and the elderly.


Tips To Identify Rotten Corn 

  • A foul smell coming from the corn indicates spoilage.

  • If there are darkened areas on the corn cob, it means damage by mold.

  • If the corn niblets are shrivelled and dry it is not fresh.

Enjoy corn all year round by following the above safety principles. Nobody should suffer from illness while enjoying a hot buttered corn on the cob.So take care!


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Health Effects Of Eating Rotten Corn