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Causes Of Obesity In Men

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Male obesityThe fact that obesity is on the rise is not surprising. What is surprising are the recent figures that have shown a higher prevalence of obesity in men than in women. The causes of obesity in men have to be looked into so that preventive measures can be taken. The excess adipose tissue accumulation is taking a toll as it is affecting fertility and reducing the lifespan considerably. Also there is an increased risk of heart disease and cancer in men who are overweight. Let us understand some factors that lead to men exceeding levels of 30 on the BMI (Body Mass Index) scale.




  1. Genetic Coding

Genes and obesity

Genes go a long way in determining whether or not one is likely to get obese. According to research, a special genotype is responsible for obesity in men. This same gene does not seem to regulate obesity in women. Known as  chromosome 5q13-15, this plays an important role in abdominal obesity in men that is responsible for excess fatty deposits in the abdominal area. Genes increase the predisposity, but one can help by incorporating healthy eating habits.


2. Bigger Portion Sizes


They haunt us at all fast food giants in the form of plus size meals and combinations. Huge portion sizes mean extra calorie intake in just one meal. One study in the American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition compared the food intakes of men and women. Men were more likely to eat more as the portion sizes saw an increase. This very fact is a huge contributor to the massive increase in male obesity rates.


3. Physical Inactivity

Physical inactivity

Physical inactivity is on the decline in men of all age groups due to extended working hours and deadlines. This means not all the calories consumed are being burnt which leads to a positive energy balance. If this continues, it means obesity. It is heartening to know that the result of a recently concluded study  showed that increased physical inactivity meant a 40 percent lower chance of genetically predisposed obesity.



4. Stress


Stress can be a direct cause of obesity as it leads to low levels of a hormone called serotonin. This increases cravings for high carbohydrate and fatty foods and impairs our judgement on right food choices to make. Healthy sandwiches make way to a chocolate covered doughnut which one finds immense comfort it. This is also a reason for male obesity to reach epidemic levels. 


Important Steps To Combat Obesity

  • Drink water before meals to lose weight.
  • Reduce the portion sizes of carbohydrates. Fill half your plate with high fiber vegetables that will keep one full for longer.

  • Make exercise your constant companion. Aim for 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise a day. Choose from swimming, cycling, jogging, running or walking. Choose an exercise you enjoy.

  • Learn to relax. Understand that stress causes more harm than good. Unwind with your favourite book or your choice of music.


Obesity is a battle that needs determination, persistence and endless patience . Do not give up at any point. Keep going and you are sure to win.


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Causes Of Obesity In Men