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5 Best Sweeteners To Have In Your Kitchen

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SteviaLimitations of a fast-paced lifestyle and deteriorating health conditions have made it essential for people to forego natural sugar and depend on alternative sweeteners for their daily sugar needs. Natural or artificial sweeteners, other than sugar, not only supply the sweetness but they do so without adding on to your calorie intake. That is why these are so popular within today’s dietary constraints. Here is a list of the 5 best  sweeteners, which you should have in your pantry:-



1) Stevia


Stevia is touted to be the safest alternative to natural sugar, according to “The Stevia Cookbook: Cooking with Nature’s Calorie-Free Sweetener.” Stevia, in all its forms, is extracted from the stevia plant and while one form of stevia may taste better than the other, it is necessary to practice caution while using it, caution the cookbook authors. People often go overboard with Stevia and not without reason. This sweetener has zero calories but, just like every good thing, it has a catch. You cannot use it for baking. But then, so what? You can use it for a whole lot of other uses.



2) Organic Honey Molasses


Apart from helping your body alleviate allergy symptoms, honey, especially the one produced organically, has a multiple uses, right from being added to your cup of tea or glass of milk to be used in baking, healing burns, and as an antiseptic. Since it has a very low Glycemic Index (GI), you do not have to worry about blood sugar drops later in the day, if you consume it early in the morning, instead of the natural sugar.



3) Blackstrap Molasses


While the Middle Eastern countries swear by molasses in every sphere of their culinary life, the Western world is still waking up to its uses. Molasses, especially blackstrap molasses, is essentially rich in potassium, calcium, and iron, thus, being a healthier choice than sugar. However, want something better than the blackstrap molasses? Go for the organic version.



Splenda4) Sucralose


Marketed under the brand name Splenda, sucralose is an artificial sweetener, which can be used cup-for-cup for sugar in most of the recipes. Being 600 times sweeter than sugar, you can even use it in much lesser quantity than sugar. It contains no calories and it is best suitable as a sugar substitute in baking recipes. However, while using it in baking, take care because it can change the texture of the final product. So you may have to undergo some hit and trial before you master its use. In case you need further help, read how to substitute sugar in baking.



5) Acesulfame-K


The ‘K’ in Acesulfame-K refers to mineral potassium and this sugar substitute is 200 times sweeter than sugar. Approved by the FDA as a table top sweetener, you can add this to alcoholic beverages, confectionary, and desserts. According to the Government tests conducted on it, this substitute doesn’t affect blood-sugar levels or increase your risk of cancer, and it is safe for pregnant women. However, the best thing about Acesulfame-K is that it cannot be broken down during the digestion process and is excreted from the body unchanged.


Sugar substitutes are the need of the hour because everyone wants to stay fit, without compromising on the taste. For starters, you can start using the sweeteners described above but before doing that, consult your GP for related health issues and safety factors.


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5 Best Sweeteners To Have In Your Kitchen