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Herbal Remedies For Conjunctivitis Treatment

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ConjunctivitisThe inflammation of the the outer membrane of the eye is called conjunctivitis. An allergy or a microbial infection can cause it. Many herbal remedies can help in its treatment as they act as anti viral and anti bacterial agents. These are non irritating to the eye and help reduce the burning and pain. Let us learn how to use herbs for this infection which is commonly known as Madras eye.



Few Natural Remedies For Conjunctivitis Treatment

  • Herbs such as spinach and purslane are rich in the mineral magnesium that reduces inflammation and relieves pain. These are good to eat everyday. Use fresh herbs to gain maximum benefit.

  • Watercress and basil are rich in beta carotene that is converted to vitamin A in the body. It is needed to maintain the health of the membrane surrounding the eye.

  • Indian amla and brussels sprouts help increase immunity and at the same time aid in regeneration of the damaged eye tissue. Ideal consumption should be on a daily basis.

  • Garlic can be used to treat the bacterial infection that results in conjunctivitis. Garlic specifically kills the responsible staphylococcus bacteria and eye drops with natural garlic extracts are available.

  • The bioflavonoids in green and black tea are a good defense against the invasion and growth of harmful microbes. Regular intake of antioxidant tea is recommended.

  • A herb called eye bright has been used traditionally to cure inflammation of the eye. A paste is made which is applied directly to the infected area.


Tips For Managing Conjunctivitis  Naturally

  • Use a cold compress made of herbal tea bags.
  • Saline eye drops are good due to their anti bacterial properties.
  • A healthy vitamin rich diet can help to keep infection at bay.
  • An eye rinse made of dry chamomile and fennel can be used many times a day.


Follow the above herbal remedies for healthy eyes. If the infection persists please contact your health care provider.


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Herbal Remedies For Conjunctivitis Treatment