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Health Effects Of Eating Rotten Watermelon

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Fresh fruits such as a watermelon are always on the top of the food safety concerns. It is rich in water which makes it an ideal medium for contamination by microbes. Rotten watermelon has severe health effects such as food poisoning which is a common concern during the months of summer. There are many steps that we can take to keep the watermelon safe and unspoilt. Read on for details.

Causes Of Spoilage

  1. Ready to eat slices of watermelon can get contaminated during cutting and packing with harmful bacteria.
  2. Contaminated water used in fields or for rinsing cause bacteria to enter the fruit.

Health Problems Caused By Rotten Watermelon

  1. If the fruit is not rinsed with clean water it can result in improper removal of salmonella bacteria that causes serious illness. Salmonella causes infection that results in severe watery diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. Young children are most at risk as their immune systems are not fully developed.
  2. If storage was improper, there can be cross contamination that results in transfer of E coli bacteria to watermelon. The dangers of E coli are due to a toxin called shiga toxin which leads to bloody diarrhea and hemolytic uremic syndrome(HUS). HUS destroys red blood cells and causes failure of kidneys.
  3. There is also concern of contamination from listeria bacteria that can grow on refrigerated watermelons if hygiene protocol is not followed. This bacterium is extremely toxic to pregnant women as it may cause early birth or even interfere with development of fetus.

Tips To Identify Rotten Watermelon

  1. The rind must not be dull or have a yellowish tinge.
  2. There should be no bruises or cuts on it.
  3. The fruit should not be soggy and over ripened.
  4. The smell of a fresh watermelon is pleasant with no off odors.

Do not forget to wash your hands as this is the first line of defense against food poisoning. Hope the above tips will help you to enjoy fresh and wholesome watermelon without any apprehensions.

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Health Effects Of Eating Rotten Watermelon