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Avoid Endangered Fishes! Eat Healthy Alternatives Instead!

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Super Green SeafoodFish, considered to be a healthy food is replete with protein and minerals along with the beneficial omega-3 fatty acids. Termed as a super food , the produce from our oceans is often considered delicacy and has made a name as a gourmet fare amongst almost all cuisines of the world. Unfortunately getting rid of heart ailments and thwarting the risk of cancer for us have proved to be too expensive for the creatures of the sea.  Overfishing in waters in and around the thickly inhabited areas have resulted in a dwindling of the numbers of many a sea creature making them endangered species. Better technology has resulted in rapid destruction of the natural environment which has taken its toll on the inhabitants of the ocean as well. The fish along with dolphins and turtles are not only killed for food but also lose their lives due to the increasing toxicity of the waters courtesy various contaminants and oil slicks that pollute the water making it impossible for the water based creatures to survive.


What Are the Contaminants Found in Fishes

Not only do the contaminants affect sea life, it can adversely affect our health as well. The commonly found toxins include:-

  • Mercury and Lead
  • Pesticides
  • PCB and other Industrial Chemicals


Who Are At Risk

While the health risks are considerably lesser for men as well as women past their child bearing age, ingesting the contaminated fishes for others may lead to severe birth defects and development impairment in young children. Pregnant women and nursing mothers need to be extra cautious while including the omega-3 fatty acid rich seafood in their daily diet. People with cardiovascular ailments are also at a higher risk of developing cancer making it necessary to eliminate the toxic fishes from their diet.


The Solution

The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) along with the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) experts have worked together with the officials from the Monterey Bay Aquarium  and succeeded in identifying several species that are considered to be safer for human consumption and can benefit both the human health as well as the oceanic environment simultaneously. Labeled as “Super Green Seafood,” this group of alternatives are low in contaminants and high in Omega-3 fatty acids. The list includes many delicious fishes including Rainbow Trout, Farm Oysters, and Wild Salmon. A complete list of seafood both desirable and the ones you need to avoid can be found at 


With the threat of global warming and rapidly deteriorating weather conditions looming large, it is the need of the hour to have a plausible solution in hand. Having a guide handy that lets you make the best choice as far as seafood is concerned is indeed a praiseworthy effort. It will also let you do your bit for the environment apart from helping you take care of your health. So refer to the guideline before piling your plate high with the delectable morsels of seafood. Bon Apetit!


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Avoid Endangered Fishes! Eat Healthy Alternatives Instead!