5 Reasons To Eat Chicken For Breakfast

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Chicken for breakfastChicken for some strange reason is not a popular meat for breakfast. People eat beef, ham, pork, and even steak, but chicken will rarely feature in the breakfast menu. However, several nutritionists today have been professing the inclusion of this meat in the morning meal for a better start to the day. Eating a light meat such as chicken for breakfast not only provides the necessary proteins but also floods our body with several other health benefits. Read on to know more about the benefits of eating poultry in the morning and get some tips on preparing healthy breakfast chicken.


Benefits of eating chicken for breakfast


1.Rich source of lean protein

Unlike other animal-based protein sources, chicken (without skin) is a healthy lean meat, which provides high biological value amino acids sans the dreadful fats. Chicken is considered as a light easy to digest and usually the 1st meat variety to be introduced into an infant’s diet. Consuming chicken in the morning helps promote easy digestion, provides the necessary proteins, and energizes the body for the work ahead.


2.Prevents Cancer

Chicken is not just a protein bar; it is rich in several antioxidant nutrients including B vitamins and selenium. These nutrients protect cells again free radical damage, DNA mutation, and subsequent development of cancerous cells. Regular consumption of lean chicken along with a healthy lifestyle is shown to significantly reduce cancer risk.  


3.Retards progression of Alzheimer’s Disease

A study conducted in Chicago proved that regular consumption of chicken, as a part of balanced diet was 70% less likely to contract Alzheimer’s disease. The high niacin content of chicken was considered as the main reason for this virtue.  


4.Perfect cure to cold and flu like symptoms

There is a good reason behind the adage “chicken soup for soul,” the meat is a trove of immune boosting nutrients like niacin, folic acid, Vitamin B6, and more. These nutrients help fight viral infections and subdue to the common symptoms associated with cold and mild flu. In this world of birds flu, swine flu, and probable bat flu, what better way to start your day than a healthy dose of flu fighting nutrients.


chicken-breakfast-sausages5.Contains Cardio protective nutrients

Each 4oz serving of chicken provides almost 34% of daily dose of Vitamin B6. This nutrient plays a pivotal role in the maintaining the health of cardiovascular system. Insufficient intake of Vitamin B6 leads to accumulation of severely vessel damaging compounds like homocysteine in the blood. Studies have shown that chicken supplementation reverses the effects of homosysteine in the blood.


Tips to include Chicken in breakfast


Think of chicken and one thinks of lunch, snack, or appetizer. Coming up with a breakfast chicken dish may be difficult for many. To aid you in your quest for some quick and tasty breakfast chicken here are a few recipe ideas…


  • Chicken Sausage – This is one of the easiest ways to include chicken for breakfast. This modified sausage not only helps an ardent red meat fan to make an easy switch over, but also is healthy and delectable.


  • Chicken and oats – This might be an uncommon combination, but a healthy one nevertheless. Oats will give the necessary fiber and chicken the needed protein. Just add steamed chicken shreds on prepared oats and your breakfast is ready.


  • Chicken Sandwich – One of the quickest and probably the easiest to prepare. All you need are chicken shreds, slices of bread, and some low cal sandwich spread and you are ready to go.


  • Chicken Spinach Quiche – Those who like a wholesome and elaborate breakfast, this dish provides fibers from spinach, proteins from chicken, and add flavors of spices and herbs added to the quiche.


As the popular Stand up artist Russell Peters says, Be a man… and include chicken for breakfast for a healthy start to your day.  


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