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Herbal Remedies For Hepatitis Treatment

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Herbs and berriesInflammation of the liver caused by virus, alcohol or certain drugs is known as hepatitis. To prevent it from becoming a chronic condition, herbal remedies can be tried out successfully. Many herbs have therapeutic qualities that can help in healing the liver by preventing the spread of infection . We will discuss some herbs that can improve  liver function  and prevent hepatitis. Read on...



    Few Herbal Remedies For Hepatitis Treatment

    • Celandine herb is known for its power of reducing inflammation and preventing liver cells from turning cancerous. Tablets with this extract are available. The fresh root is also chewed in many parts of the world.

    • According to new scientific data, liquorice can destroy the virus that causes hepatitis and also helps  improve the functioning of the liver. It is rich in antioxidants that increase immunity and possess anti cancer properties.  It is widely present in candies and chewing gums.

    • The berries of the schisandra plant has important extracts that can protect the liver from a number of toxins and repair the damaged liver cells. It also prevents the formation of cancerous cells in the liver.

    • The seeds of milk thistle help in healing many conditions of the liver, both acute and chronic. They prevent chemicals and contaminants from harming the liver and aid in regenerating liver cells. They also heal the scar formed due to hepatitis.

    • Garlic has the power of killing viruses that are harmful to the liver as well as improving health of liver cells. Turmeric is also useful. According to research, turmeric may be able to help prevent liver damage. 

    Tips For Managing Hepatitis Naturally

    • Alcohol damages liver and complete abstinence is required.

    • A diet rich in vitamins A and C is needed to repair the liver cells.

    • Carbohydrates should be consumed in generous amounts as it helps to heal the liver.

    • Eat small meals to avoid nausea.

    • Keep stress levels low and do not overexert at work.


    Hepatitis cannot be ignored. Talk to your doctor about how to begin a herbal treatment to help your liver and get well soon!


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    Herbal Remedies For Hepatitis Treatment