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Herbal Remedies For Fatigue Treatment

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FatigueThere are many herbal remedies for treating fatigue that is undoubtedly the most common health complaint. Blame in on modern day lifestyle or a hectic work schedule, fatigue lowers productivity and needs treatment regardless of its severity. Thankfully the herbs growing in your kitchen garden hold the key to improving your wellbeing and keeping you fresh and energised. The top 5 natural remedies for fatigue are listed below.


5 Herbal Remedies For Fatigue

  • Ginger helps to stimulate the senses and reduce fatigue levels. Fresh ginger juice can be mixed with lemon and water. This is a drink that will increase energy and can be had at any time of the day. The vitamin C in lemon improves immunity and reduces risk of infection.

  • In women fatigue can be due to increased blood losses during menstruation. Dried herbs are concentrated sources of iron and regular use is recommended. Thyme, parsley and spearmint are the best herbs to consume.

  • Ginseng is an Asian herb that increases stamina and mental alertness. Many energy drinks and teas with this extract are available in the market.

  • A concoction of peppermint and St John's wort can help fight symptoms related to fatigue. The essential oils in mint stimulate mind and body and reduce tiredness. St John's wort helps overcome sleeplessness and lethargy.

  • The high omega 3 fatty acid content of flax seeds helps to lift mood and also fight depression. A teaspoon of raw flax seeds can be consumed daily.


Tips For Managing Fatigue Naturally

  • Eat a diet with plenty of good carbohydrates that help prevent fatigue and boost mood.

  • Six to eight hours of sleep are a must every night.

  • A regular exercise routine will keep you fit and alert.

  • When stressed listen to calming music or meditate.

Fatigue is best managed with the above herbs which are safe and time tested. Talk to your doctor for other supplements or vitamins that may be needed.


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Herbal Remedies For Fatigue Treatment