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Health Effects Of Eating Rotten Cherry

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cherryRich in antioxidants and great in taste, cherry is a delicious seasonal fruit. It is important to protect cherries from rotting as eating them may cause health effects such as food poisoning resulting in illness and hospitalisation . Prevention is always better than cure when it comes to food safety. This blog helps you to understand how you can avoid various health issues by choosing cherries that are not rotten or spoilt.


    Causes Of Spoilage

    • Cherry is sensitive to heat and if left on the field for a long time it can spoil.

    • If packaging involves unclean hands it can introduce many dangerous pathogens in this process.

    Health Problems Caused By Rotten Cherry

    • If sufficient cleaning of cherries is not done before packaging, it can result in improper removal of the E coli bacteria which will readily multiply and rot the fruit. This bacteria produces a toxin which can damage the kidney and may be irreversible. Fever, nausea and diarrhea are commonly seen.

    • If mold is eaten along with the cherry it can cause skin irritation, itching and headaches. In some it can also result in a runny nose and wheezing.

    • Contamination due to dirty knives and chopping boards can cause salmonella bacteria to colonise the fruit. This can cause serious infection in those that have a weak immune system and untreated may also lead to death. The diarrhea from salmonella poisoning causes watery stools and dehydration is a risk. Fluid management is the first line of treatment.


    Tips To Identify Rotten Cherry

    • Look for fruits that are firm and not shriveled.

    • Do not buy if mold or slime growth is noticed.

    • Store on the topmost portion of the shopping cart to avoid bruising of the fruit.

    • Refrigeration after purchase is mandatory.

    • The fruit should be rinsed in clean water before use.

    • Hand washing before handling raw fruits is essential


    The above information makes us realise the importance of food safety, which is to be taken with utmost seriousness. Any lapses while choosing cherries are best avoided for the sake of good health and well being. So beware of eating rotten cherries now that you know the outcome!


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    Health Effects Of Eating Rotten Cherry