5 Reasons To Eat Apple For Breakfast

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Apples for breakfastPeople spend fortunes at spas and health centers in their quest for good health; while they forget that, the simplest way to meet their fitness goals can be as simple as reaching out to the deliciously crimson apples in the morning. This delectable fruit is a trove of nutrients and trace elements that dispense vigor, stamina, and good health to everyone who cares to taste it regularly. If you still consider the modest apple as a forbidden fruit, read on to know why they are a gift of God and one ought to eat apples for breakfast regularly…


Benefits of eating apples for breakfast


1.Promotes bone health

Apart from being a good source of calcium, apples contain a rare nutrient known as phloridzin. Although, not much is known about the mode of action of this compound, several studies have shown that phloridzin prevents hormone related bone loss seen in post-menopausal women. The boron content of the fruit also plays an important role in protecting bone health.


2.A potent detoxifying agent

Forget punishing detox diets…have apples instead. They are rife with several natural detoxifying agents like flavonoids, carotenes, and polyphenols. These compounds help remove and/or neutralize the toxins in the liver (the organ responsible for detoxification of the body). The simple sugars present in the fruit promote live health, which in turn enhances the natural toxin removal process carried out in the liver.


3.Protects brain and nervous system from degenerative diseases

Degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease are purported to be prevented and in certain rare cases reversed by regular morning consumption of apples. The antioxidant agents and certain unidentified compounds in apples have shown promising effects in reversing these morbid brain conditions in animal studies.


4.Prevents lifestyle related diseases

Apples are rich in dietary fiber and contain the right amount of simple sugars. Moreover, they are loaded with phytonutrients and trace elements like Vitamin C and Vitamin A. Regular consumption of apples has shown to help manage blood sugar levels, lower blood cholesterol, and prevent calcification of blood vessels. What’s more, these effects are best seen when the fuit is consumed between 4.00am to 10.00am.


caramel apple5.Boost immunity

Apart from immune boosting nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and selenium, apples contain a unique compound called as quecetin. This compound is believed to promote immune activity against pathogens, while reducing flawed immune actions in allergy conditions.


Tips to include apples in breakfast


Eating apples as is might be the best and easiest way to consume apples during breakfast. However, if biting into these colored spheres doesn’t excite you much, here are some scrumptious ways to include them in your 1st meal of the day


  • Fresh and cloudy apple juice: Juice is the perfect breakfast drink. To get most of the fruit into your glass, blend it fresh and try not to strain it much.


  • Apples with French toast: If eat a fruit in the traditional form is not your way, then try adding slices of cooking apples (slightly tart) to your French toast. If you have time, try making an elaborated layered French toast, with layers of bread, egg, and apple slices.


  • Quick crispy apples:  A modified version of apple crumble, all you need to do is mix whole-wheat flour with butter and molasses. Next cover a layer of apples with this mixture and bake for 10 mins, your crispy and delectable breakfast will be ready.



  • Apple yogurt:  This is probably the simplest recipe to prepare, just blend plain yogurt with mashed apples (slightly sweet) and you are ready to dig in. The apples will add enough sweetness and extra sugar is usually not needed.


Stop ignoring your health and opt for a healthy breakfast with ample servings of fruits added. However, apples are only one part of your morning meal; do not forget to add a protein and fat rich food to it. An incomplete breakfast is as bad as having no breakfast at all.


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