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How To Fight Pork Addiction

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PorkPork is the culinary name for the meat of pig, which is one of the most common meats consumed worldwide. However, in equal proportion to the popularity gained, pork addiction is also on an alarming rise, which requires urgent attention. This blog would help you in learning about the hazards of pork addiction and would suggest some ways of fighting it.



Health Hazards Of Pork Addiction:

Pork eating has numerous health hazards and side effects which is found to become doubled in the case of pork addicts, which are as follows:

  • Pork causes hardening and clogging and subsequent changes in the arteries, which produce hypertension.
  • Research shows that every 6th person in the United Stated has trichinosis from eating trichina worms, which are carried by porks.
  • Studies have proven that pigs/swine contain toxins, and so yes pork addicts are more prone to toxicity.
  • Pork is capable of causing inflammation, itching, arthritis and swelling in the tendons.
  • Erysipela, a skin disease is caused by over-eating pork.
  • A very long history of pork consumption has proved to cause leprosy, a dreadly disease in pork addicts.
  • Biliousness, a dangerous condition where liver gets dysfunctional followed by kidney has found to occurred in pork addicts.
  • Pork addicts are in constant danger of getting affected tapeworm infection.
  • Pork and its products have been proved to contain clenbuterol, which may cause muscle tremor, headache, dizziness and gastric irritation in pork addicts and even in mild eaters sometimes.


Fighting Pork Addiction:

Pork addiction can be treated by trying out some of the ways as follows:

  • Make the pork addicts understand by explaining the facts and hazards concerned with pork addiction.
  • Try replacing their recipes with pork with some other re/white meat.
  • Include more vegetables in their diet so that they feel satiated soon and pork eating reduces simultaneously.
  • Insist them to drink plenty of water.
  • Tell them to have food with a vegan companion and so their choice of pork would get reduced.
  • Gradually reduce the frequency and quantity of buying pork so that they become option less.



Hence folks, fight pork addiction to save your health.


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How To Fight Pork Addiction