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Is Sausage For Breakfast Healthy?

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sausage for breakfastSausages have a reputation of being unhealthy foods, but that has not stopped millions of Americans from having sausages for breakfast almost every morning. For the benefit of all the health enthusiasts who wish to follow a fit lifestyle but do not want to forgo their breakfast sausages, here is a complete analysis of these processed meat links. Read on to know if eating sausage for breakfast is all that bad…



Nutritional evaluation

Sausages come in a variety of sizes and the nutritional composition of the sausage will largely vary depending upon the kind of meat used, processing done, cooking technique used, and serving size. As per an USFDA approved calorie counter, a regular serving of breakfast sausages provide anything between 180 to 250 Kcals, which comes entirely from fats and protein.



Breakfast sausage

Beef sausage

Pork sausage

Chicken sausage

Total fat

25 gm

25 gm

29 gm

15 gm

Saturated fat

8.3 gm

7.5 gm

9 gm

6.5 gm


78 mg

60 mg

80 mg

47 mg


16 gm

13 gm

18 gm

15 gm


502 mg

486 mg

338 mg

562 mg


Sausages in their traditional form contain no carbohydrates; carbs if any come from the addition of additives, preservatives, or spices that may be added to the meat. Depending upon the additives added some sausages may provide negligible amounts of Vitamin A, iron, and calcium.


Health benefits of eating sausage for breakfast:

  • Sausages are a major source of high biological value protein, which is directly absorbed by the body. They contain all essential amino acids, which promote muscle and cell growth.
  • The high protein and fat content of the dish provides higher satiety value. Studies have shown that a protein rich breakfast helps curb pre-lunch sugar craving and helps cut down the calorie intake during the lunch hours.
  • Amino acids like serotonin and tryptophan present in most sausages are known as mood enhancers. Thus, sausages help a person to start his/her day on a positive note.
  • Studies have shown that simple carbohydrates from refined sugars and white flour are more dangerous than direct cholesterol and fat consumption. Hence, if one chooses a low fat sausage like chicken sausage and consumes it in moderation, the CVD risk may not be increased.


Disadvantages of sausages:

All said and done, breakfast sausage is a processed and there is no denying that it is not an ideal food. Like all processed meats, sausages are loaded with sodium and in some cases potassium too. Certain sausages such as cured European style sausages are full of saturated fat and direct cholesterol. Regular consumption of high amounts of unhealthy fat will eventually lead to heart disease. Research has shown that eating one sausage daily increases the risk of bowel cancer by 20%. Sausages are literally devoid of fibers, which in turn can lead to constipation and other large intestine disorders.


Thus, sausages, though not an ideal food do have certain good qualities to them. They, hence, need not be a complete no-no for breakfast. One must, instead, practice restraint, choose a good low fat variety of sausage, and combine them with other fiber rich foods like breakfast salads and whole grain breads. Moreover, eating sausage for breakfast daily is not a good idea, have it once a week, or at the max twice.


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Is Sausage For Breakfast Healthy?