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How To Fight Ginger Addiction

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GingerGinger, the most popular spice root, has gained  popularity over the years for its enormous medicinal  properties and culinary benefits . But nothing is good when your consumption exceeds normal limits. Addiction to ginger is such an issue. Being a spice, ginger must be included in recipes only in limited quantities to enhance the taste.  Ginger addicts must also be treated at the earliest possible so that their health is not jeopardized. Scroll down to learn why being addicted to ginger is dangerous as well as some ways to fight it.


Hazards Of Ginger Addiction:

  • Being a very strong digestive aid, ginger is capable of causing corrosion and ulcers on your stomach wall, when consumed in large quantities for a long time.
  • Its ability to lower cholesterol would really act on a greater extent in addicts making the cholesterol levels drop in a hazardous way.
  • Some addicts are even prone to ulcers not only in stomach but in the whole of the digestive tract.
  • Ginger eating releases endorphin in brain, which gives a great pleasure to addicts when eating it. But endorphin when over released causes sleeplessness, depression and even brain related serious complications in addicts.


Ways To Fight Ginger Addiction:

  • Replace ginger in recipes with garlic or any other spice.
  • If addicted to raw ginger, drink plenty of water when you feel like having ginger.
  • Do not store ginger in raw or paste form in more quantities.
  • Gradually reduce the quantity and frequency of ginger eating.
  • Add sugar to ginger paste and thereby reduce the intensity of consumption.


Ginger is a great medicinal spice but no medicine should be taken in huge quantities! So use it in moderation to derive its numerous benefits and learn to fight ginger addiction promptly.


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How To Fight Ginger Addiction