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How To Fight Bacon Addiction

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BaconBacon, the cured meat from pig is one of the most popular meats in the Western world. The increased popularity of bacon have led to “Bacon Mania” in countries like the United States. Bacon addiction has potential health hazards and must be treated immediately. This blog tells you about the the hazards of bacon addiction and some ways to fight against it.


Health Hazards Concerned With Bacon Addiction:

  • A study conducted in Columbia University has revealed a link between eating cured meats (especially bacon) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
  • Curing of bacon requires loads if sodium nitrate and this may be the cause of the above mentioned complication.
  • Sodium nitrate being a salt may also increase your blood pressure levels to a very great extent which may lead to cardio vascular problems.
  • A research from Harvard School of Public Health has proved that bacon is capable of causing and aggravating diabetes mellitus.
  • Bacon has proved to affect the brain in much the same way as cocaine and heroin does. This may lead to compulsive eating behavior and obesity in addicts who eat bacon for a very long time.


Ways To Fight Bacon Addiction:

Here are some of the ways to fight bacon addiction:

  • Apart from bacon there are many other meats in both cured and uncured form. Go for fresh meat rather than cured ones.
  • Try incorporating some other fresh meat in the recipes where you add bacon.
  • Try different meats daily if you are a regular meat eater.
  • After some days, try to opt for completely vegan menus in alternative days.
  • Have meal with a vegan companion, when you are more stressed internally to have bacon.
  • Try to reduce the frequency and intensity of having bacon gradually.
  • Do not buy bacon immediately when you feel like having it.
  • Get the help of your family members for reducing bacon consumption from store/market.


It’s the right time.Fight bacon addiction and get rid of it!


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How To Fight Bacon Addiction