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Health Effects Of Eating Rotten Egg

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Eggs are common ingridients in many homes as they are easy to cook and are full of nourishing protein. However, they can effect our health negatively if not stored and consumed properly. Eating rotten eggs can cause food poisoning which can be prevented by taking sufficient care.



How Do Eggs Spoil?

  • Raw eggs can spoil if they are not refrigerated after purchase. Like all edibles, eggs also have an expiry date. If they are kept out for too long it encourages the growth of harmful microbes.

  • If you buy a cracked egg, chances are that a bacteria called salmonella has gotten through the cracks. This multiplies within the egg and spoils it.


Health Problems Caused By Rotten Eggs

  • The effects of eating a rotten egg will not be seen immediately. Signs will be seen after 12 hours of eating the contaminated egg as this is the time salmonella bacteria takes to grow and multiply. It causes a disease called salmonellosis.

  • Diarrhea, nausea and vomiting are the first symptoms that will be seen.

  • Abdominal cramps, headaches and fever is seen as the infection progresses.

  • In healthy adults the above mentioned symptoms last for a few days as their immune systems are strong. In young children and the elderly the effects can get serious if left untreated.

  • One is likely to ingest the harmful mold which grows easily on spoilt eggs. This can cause skin rashes and red, itchy areas on the skin. It can also lead to a runny nose and is dangerous for individuals who have a history of wheezing.

  • Listeriosis is a bacterial infection which can be caused by consumption of spoiled egg products such as mayonnaise and desserts that contain egg. This can be fatal and is associated with a high risk of death. The bacteria responsible for this is called listeria.

  • In pregnant women, it can lead to serious complications affecting the health and safety of the fetus inside.


Tips To Avoid Eating Rotten Eggs

  • Graded eggs will help you choose the best quality in the market.
  • Grade A eggs are superior than the rest and should be brought if available .
  • At home cook eggs to safe temperatures of at least 160 ºc till the white and yolk are firm.


Seek immediate treatment if you notice the above symptoms. While purchasing eggs buy  only clean and the ones remaining intact. Food safety is the safety of your whole family. Always consume clean and safe food which includes eggs.


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Health Effects Of Eating Rotten Egg