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How To Fight Wheat Addiction

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WheatWheat is the stape cereal and main source of calories in many cultures   worldwide. The culinary and nutritional benefits of wheat has made its consumption exponentially high in non-wheat eating cultures too. But if addicted to wheat, none of these benefits would come to rescue the wheat addicts. Wheat addiction needs urgent attention and focus, to avoid serious illnesses. Let’s now see some of the ways to fight wheat addiction.


Symptoms Of Wheat Addiction:

  • Wheat contains a substance called opioids which is capable of addicting people. Not only wheat, many other cereals and grains have this substance.
  • These opioids give a calming effect, relieve pain, and they produce euphoria, as do the endorphins our bodies produce. 
  • This may cause emotional disturbances for the ones who are trying to get rid of addiction.


Fighting Wheat Addiction:

  • Wheat addicts first need to admit their addiction, which is the major issue in treating them since most of the addicts don’t prefer to reveal about their addiction.
  • Specialized rehabilitation centers can come to the rescue if the level of psychological addiction is too high.
  • Replace the menus requiring wheat with any other grain or cereal flour.For example, wheat noodles can be replaced with any noodles made from small millets like finger millet.
  • Slowly reduce the quantity and frequency of wheat consumption from market. Also reduce the serving sizes it is been used in your menu. Get help from family members for this purpose.


Fight wheat addiction and lead a healthy life!


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How To Fight Wheat Addiction