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How To Fight Rice Addiction

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RiceHave you ever imagined that rice, the staple food of most Asians, can make a person addicted? Yes! It’s true folks! Occupying more than 65 percent of the meal of the majority of population worldwide, rice has many benefits. However, it is known to cause addiction too! Take a look at this blog to know about the hazards of rice addiction and learn how to fight it.



Hazards Of Rice Addiction:

  • Rice has a very high carbohydrate (starch) content, which has the capacity of adding more and more pounds to your body weight. Whatever may be the type of rice say, brown or red or white, the case remains almost the same.
  • Well cooked rice has a very high glycemic index which acts upon your blood glucose levels in a very rapid rate. Only because of this reason, health care professionals prefer to reduce the rice intake of diabetic people.
  • Rice doesn’t have any kind of fiber. In other words, they are capable of filling the stomach without helping in improving the bowel movements and increase the calorie intake.
  • Comparatively, brown rice has better fiber content than white rice, but the amount of calories contributed remains the same in both the type of rice.
  • Rice being a tasteless food requires many more ingredients to make it more palatable and tasty. It means that you are adding up calories!
  • Rice without salt would taste horrible and there are rice addicts who add loads of salt for taste. Sodium in salt causes a bang in blood pressure levels and may turn you edematous.
  • Water intake reduces as rice intake increases, which may cause decreased fluid retention and dehydration.
  • Some studies have proved that rice is capable of reducing the body’s capacity to absorb other nutrients like zinc, iron, vitamins etc.


Suggestions Of Fighting Rice Addiction:

Here are some of the ways which would help you in fighting the addiction.

  • Try to have half-cooked rice. It would be of course tough to chew, swallow and digest. But trying this out in frequent intervals would surely help in reducing the intensity of rice addiction.
  • Cut the quantity of rice and add more vegetables and fruits to your diet.
  • Increase the number of the side plate stuffs so that you tend to lose focus on your main plate of rice.
  • Be strict on saying no to rice or other staple cereal as breakfast item.
  • Keep away salt from your dining table so that rice eating automatically reduces.
  • Eat fruit before eating your main course so that you feel satiated soon and rice would surely remain as a left-over food.


Rice addiction is not a light issue! Change your habit at the earliest before you are affected by serious ailments. Rice is not good when the limit is exceeded.


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How To Fight Rice Addiction