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Eat Curry To Ward Off Alzheimer’s, Dementia

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CurryIf you suffer from Alzheimer’s disease or know anyone who is a dementia patient, eat curry to ward it off.  Scientists have now found out that eating curry, even once a week, is instrumental in preventing the risk of this disease as well as dementia. Read on for more on this.


1) Curcumin is the Key


Curcumin is a component of the turmeric spice, which is, in itself, a significant ingredient of the curry, whichever one you may eat. It has been found in laboratory tests that curcumin prevents spread of amyloid plaques, which indirectly induce Alzheimer’s disease. For now, studies have been conducted on organisms other than human beings, such as fruit flies, which show that those fruit flies, which received curcumin, went on to live 75% longer than those that didn’t.


2) The Expert’s Word


It was at the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ Annual Meeting, held in Liverpool recently that the issue came to the fore. It was Professor Murali Doraiswamy, who is director of the Mental Fitness Laboratory at the Department of Psychiatry, Duke University Medical Center at Carolina, pointed this out to the delegates. He said, “There is very solid evidence that curcumin binds to plaques, and basic research on animals engineered to produce human amyloid plaques has shown benefits. Turmeric has been studied not just in Alzheimer’s research but for a variety of conditions, such as cancer and arthritis. Turmeric is often referred to as the spice of life in ancient Indian medical lore.” It is assumed that the amyloid plaques, in addition to the neurofibrillary tangles, are responsible for the brain cells’ degradation. It is this degradation that ultimately leads to Alzheimer’s or disease.


3) Clinical Confirmation on the Way  Turmeric


The University of California, Los Angeles, is presently conducting a clinical trial to find out the effect of curcumin in human patients of Alzheimer’s disease. The trial is specifically going to focus on the effects on the amyloid plaque in such patients. Before this larger study, the researchers have already conducted a pilot trial, which was to determine the right dose of curcumin required to understand its effect. Prof Doraiswamy told the meeting, “You can modify a mouse so that at about 12 months its brain is riddled with plaques. If you feed this rat a curcumin-rich diet it dissolves these plaques. The same diet prevented younger mice from forming new plaques. The next step is to test curcumin on human amyloid plaque formation using newer brain scans and these are plans for that.”


4) Just 2 or 3 Meals a Week


The studies conducted so far show that if people consume a curry meal two or three times, that is enough for them to lower their risk for dementia. In this regard, Prof Doraiswamy says this, “Those studies seem to show that you need only consume what is part of the normal diet - but the research studies are testing higher doses to see if they can maximize the effect. It would be equivalent of going on a curry spree for a week.”


5) Not Just Curry


However, please be warned that curry is not the only thing that would prevent your brain cells from degenerating. Your brain health is dependent on a healthy lifestyle, not just on an occasional bowl of curry. So, if you are gorging on fast food day and night and smoking and drinking without discretion, then don’t expect to the occasional curry to do the tricks for you when it comes to dementia. Besides, there are other benefits of a healthy lifestyle as well.


You never had a better reason to have that bowl of curry while dining out, right? Well, now that you have science on your side too, just go for curry once a week but remember, a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating habits are important too.


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Eat Curry To Ward Off Alzheimer’s, Dementia