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5 Tips For Healthy Italian Cooking

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Healthy Italian cookingCooking the Italian way regularly need not spell a doom for your healthy eating habits. True, if not careful, one can easily go astray and end up with a meal loaded with salt, refined carbs, and calories. However, healthy Italian cooking is not exhausting either. Simple steps like ingredient control and good pantry management are all that are needed to fix a healthy Mexican meal. Read on for more details…


1.     Look Beyond Pizzas and Pastas

Italy is a vast and diverse country and each region has a unique cuisine to offer. Pizzas and pastas are just a part of popular culture and often come loaded with refined carbs, saturated fats, and sodium. When planning an Italian menu do your homework right and include a variety of authentic dishes like salads, antipasti, soups, frittata, and gelato. They go light on calories, are rich in fiber, loaded with nutrients, and make for a scrumptious meal.


2.     Restrict or avoid cheese

Remember cheese is not the backbone of Italian cooking. There are various ways to cut down on the cheese content of your food – cut the amount of cheese called for by half, it will not change alter the taste a bit. In case you love the cheesy creamy flavor then try adding cheese towards the end of the cooking process, you will end up using less. If both don’t work for you can can opt for a low fat and low sodium version of cheese for better health.


3.     Concentrate on fresh vegetables and fruits

Traditionally Italians add at least 3 servings of fresh veggies for each serving of meat in their cooking. This is the secret behind their age defying appearance and fitness. Try scouting for meatless recipes or better add plenty of vegetables to the regular ones. This will help enrich your meal with fiber and trace nutrients, while adding texture and color to the dish. 


4.     Prefer herbs over salt

Italians are known for using generous amounts of herbs in their cooking. These aromatic herbs not only add flavor but augment the dish with their nutritional and medicinal properties. Make a habit of focusing on these herbs to add taste and add salt as just an adjunct.


5.     Avoid readymade sauce and gravy base

Readymade sauces and gravy bases, though very convenient, are filled with unhealthy trans-fats, sodium, simple carbs, and other preservatives. Preparing sauces at home helps you gain better ingredient control and ensures better nutrition. has some quick to make sauce and gravy recipes try using them or a recipe of your choice for better effect.


Finally, remember no ingredient is unhealthy; everything is good if used in moderation. So follow your heart and cook up a scrumptious meal for your family and friends.


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5 Tips For Healthy Italian Cooking