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5 Tips For Healthy Mexican Cooking

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Healthy Mexican cookingIf you yearn for some easy Mexican cooking ideas but are concerned about your commitment to following a healthier lifestyle then this post is for you. With the liberal amounts of cheese, salt, and shortenings used in most Tex-Mex recipes, these dishes can end being quite fattening and not heart healthy. However, healthy Mexican cooking is not utterly impossible or challenging- just a few ingredient adjustments and minor adjustments in cooking style is all you need to dish out a quick and nutritious meal. Read on for more details…

1. Make your own dips and sauces

Most of the dips and sauces available in the stores are loaded with preservatives, sodium rich additives, and fat. Preparing these at home is not only healthy but more delightful. You have better ingredient control and can boast of your cooking skills as well. If time is your concern, worry not for several of the Mexican dips and sauces including guacamole and salsa can be prepared in no time with very little preparation.

2. Stick to heart healthy oils for cooking

You may find that several of the Mexican recipes call for lard or bacon grease as the shortening of choice. These are famously rich in cholesterol and trans-fats. Prefer healthier oils like Olive oil or Canola oil for cooking, these are lighter, rich in PUFA, and do not alter the taste of the dish. Also, wherever possible cut down on the total fat usage by choosing to bake instead of frying, using non-stick cookware, and using cooking spray when needed.

3. Opt for lean meats

Unlike the popular belief, beef and pork are not Mexican staples. You will find that several authentic recipes use skinless poultry, fish, and shell fish as the main ingredient. Even if you need to use beef or pork, choose leaner cuts of the meat and trim away the fat as much as possible. Also, include plenty of fresh vegetables into your cooking. This will increase the total fiber content of the meal and reduce the harmful effects of consuming red meat.

4. Focus on herbs and spices for flavor

Make generous use of spices, herbs, and alliums when cooking. This practice not only helps enhance the taste but also helps to cut down the salt and sugar content of the dish. Also, remember to add salt towards the end of cooking process, you will end up using much lesser salt.

5. Restrict cheese used in cooking

Make it a habit to use only half the amount of cheese that the recipe calls for, this will not alter the taste if the dish, but will greatly reduce the fat and sodium content of the meal. In dishes where reduction is not possible, substitute the regular cheese with panela or some other low fat and low sodium versions.

So, there is no need to refer to the calorie counter each time you crave for some tortilla or tacos. Just follow the tips given above and you will do just fine.

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5 Tips For Healthy Mexican Cooking