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Boiled Crab Health Benefits

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Boiled crabCrab is one of the delicious seafood varieties featuring in restaurant menus. However, the boiled crab is considered to be healthier than its fried versions. as the method preserves the taste of crustaceans. Read on to find out how boiling crabs can be good for your health as well.


Health Benefits of Boiled Crabs

Crabs have to be prepared and cooked in an appropriate manner. Those which are not cooked properly can lead to food poisoning. The following are some of the nutrients that a boiled crab contains:


  • Omega-3 fatty acid – This is known to lower your triglyceride and cholesterol levels. Thus, it helps reduce the risk of heart attack. Omega-3 fatty acid also helps with conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, depression, and dementia.


  • Calcium – Your body needs adequate amounts of calcium to keep your bones in good condition. Calcium prevents weakening of bones and bone loss. It also helps treat other ailments related to low calcium level.


  • Magnesium – This mineral is good for people suffering from heartburn. It can also help reduce high cholesterol and prevent kidney stones. Magnesium from diet also helps prevent stroke and diabetes.


  • Potassium – A standard level of potassium needs to be maintained in your body. Potassium from crabs can help you with that and also treat conditions resulting from low potassium levels. Studies have revealed that taking adequate potassium helps bring down high blood pressure. This mineral, when got from dietary source, also reduces the risk of stroke.


  • Phosphorus – You also need this in good amounts for maintaining bone health. The amount of phosphorus should be in the right proportion to the calcium you are taking in order to prevent bone loss, and crabs are a very good dietary source of this mineral.


  • Protein – Protein is necessary for maintaining good cell health. Muscles, bones, and blood need protein to function well. It can also help boost your immune levels.


  • Vitamin A – The crab has a reasonable amount of this vitamin. This can help prevent conditions resulting from vitamin A deficiency in the body. Vitamin A can also be helpful in preventing eye problems like cataract and breast cancer.


  • Vitamin B12 – This is an important vitamin that helps prevent a type of anemia. It can also treat and prevent ailments from vitamin B12 deficiency. This vitamin along with folic acid and other nutrients can help keep macular degeneration (a major cause for blindness) at bay.


  • Vitamin C – Known to relieve cold symptoms, vitamin C is also necessary for the bones and blood vessels to function properly. It helps with absorption of iron in your body.


  • Zinc – The zinc found in crab can help fortify your immune system and thyroid function. It also has a very important role in maintaining vision.



Being low in fat and calories, boiled crabs can be good for you. You can easily add this regularly to your menu and enjoy all the nutritional benefits it offers you.



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Boiled Crab Health Benefits