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Dangers Of Eating Raw Beef

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raw beefIn case you are planning to serve beef Tartare sandwiches for dinner tonight, change the menu. This is a precaution to be taken because of the dangers of eating raw beef, which include E. Coli infection, Salmonella, and several other illnesses. E. Coli, which was thought to be spreading from drinking raw milk, is now proved to be present also in the raw form of beef. Read on to learn more.



1) E. Coli


One of the most common sources of E. coli infection, raw beef products spread these bacteria, which give you abdominal cramping and severe diarrhea. You may suffer from symptoms like vomiting for five to seven days after you consume raw beef. Definitely not a good way to enjoy beef!


2) Campylobacter Jejuni


This bacterium is dangerous as it can enter your bloodstream, thus posing a threat to your life. The symptoms of this infection are abdominal cramps, body pain, fever, and diarrhea, with or without blood. The symptoms usually surface two to five days after you eat raw beef. This bacterium is also spread through undercooked beef or raw meat.


3) Salmonella


The Salmonella infections have taken the world by storm, especially recently and this bacterium attacks the body more quickly, within 12 hours of eating raw beef. Fever is the most common symptom of this infection besides diarrhea and abdominal cramping. This bacterium strikes more effectively in victims with a weaker immune system.


4) Listeria Monocytogenes


If you are suffering from a stiff neck, severe headache, convulsions, etc and you have just have raw beef, then you probably have contracted infection from Listeria monocytogenes. This bacterium infects the gastrointestinal system and causes diarrhea as well as nausea. This bacterium is particularly dangerous to pregnant women, individuals with weak immunity, infants, and the elderly.


Now that you are aware of the dangers of eating raw beef and the symptoms associated with it, it is important that you cook steaks at 145F and ground beef at 160 F before consuming them. Cooking at these minimal temperatures is the only way to eliminate  dangers lurking within the raw beef.


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Dangers Of Eating Raw Beef