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Boiled Cabbage Health Benefits

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Boiled cabbageCooking a  cabbage by boiling it is a simple and healthy way to eat this nutritious vegetable. A boiled cabbage is healthier than the fried formbecause of its no oil content. Learn more about how eating this boiled vegetable can benefit your health immensely.


Tips To Boil Cabbage 

A cabbage, when boiled, gives out a strong odor. A trick to reduce this unpleasant smell is to wrap small pieces of bread in a cheesecloth and add this to the boiling water. 



Health Benefits of Boiled Cabbage

A boiled cabbage is rich in the following nutrients:


  • Beta-carotene – Cabbages, especially savoy and bok choy, are rich in beta carotenes. These are known to have anti-cancerous properties and helps prevent certain cancers. It also helps reduce the risk of breast cancer in women.


  • Vitamin C – Your body needs an adequate amount of this vitamin to function well, and the vitamin C found in cabbage can help you with that. It also helps improve iron absorption in your body. This vitamin is also said to be effective in relieving common colds, regulating blood pressure, and improving wrinkles in the skin.


  • Vitamin E – The outer leaves of cabbage are a good source of vitamin E. This improves physical strength in the elderly and slows down memory loss. Thus, it is greatly beneficial for people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.


  • Vitamin A – This vitamin is known to be good for the eyes and helps prevent cataract. It also helps prevent conditions related to vitamin A deficiency.


  • Fiber – Cabbage also has a good amount of dietary fiber. This helps your digestive system to work well. Fiber also keeps you less hungry and aids with weight loss.


  • Protein – Your body needs this to repair the cells and tissues. Protein is also important for functioning of bones, blood, muscles and skin.


  • Calcium – Cabbage contains more calcium on the outermost leaves than the inner leaves. This mineral is effective in preventing weakening of the bones and bone loss. It can also help avoid low calcium levels in the body, which give rise to certain ailments.


  • Low in fat – Cabbage is very low in fat and few in calories. Thus, it is an ideal vegetable to be included in a weight loss diet.



People with hypothyroidism are advised to avoid eating cabbage as this can make the condition worse.


You can try adding this to your family’s diet to derive all the goodness from it. Do boil cabbage according to the tips mentioned above and let us know if it worked for you.



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Boiled Cabbage Health Benefits