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Herbal Remedies For Gas

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herbal remedies for gasEmbarrassed due to intestinal gas? Try natural herbal remedies for the problem. Bloating and gas can be very annoying at times. The best way to get it out of your system is to treat it naturally. Given below are some of the best tried and tested herbal treatments for bloating as well as gas.







Few Natural Herbal Remedies for Gas

  1. Ginger root infused in tea can help get rid of intestinal gas. Alternately, include ginger in your daily diet to get gas relief.
  2. Fresh garlic is among the best herbal remedies for gas. Use it in regular dishes or eat a clove every day.
  3. Dandelion is a common weed. Tea made of dandelion leaves can help in relieving gas or use as dried spice for a calm stomach.
  4. Parsley in your diet can help prevent intestinal gas from becoming a problem. Freshly minced parsley is a great remedy worth trying.
  5. Caraway seeds aid in digestion and prevent cramping and other associated discomforts.


Tips for Managing Gas Naturally

  • Take probiotics supplement regularly. This would keep stomach and intestines healthy.
  • Charcoal can suck up excess gas in the digestive tract. Take an activated charcoal supplement prior to eating.
  • Avoid gas causing foods like processed, fried, high sugar foods.
  • High fat foods, milk and wheat products also sometimes cause gas. Avoid these.


Herbal remedies for gas can help you to an extent. However, consulting a medical practitioner is advisable if the symptoms persist or increase. Prolonged sensation of bloating and gas can be indicative of other acute conditions like irritable bowel syndrome.


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Herbal Remedies For Gas