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How To Fight Cheese Addiction?

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CheeseCheeses are very good sources of protein and calcium and have numerous health benefits . Despite this,  addiction to cheese is not desirable. It is not a mere craving. It involves real seriousness and requires attention too. Let us witness some of the ways to fighting cheese addiction now.





What Causes Cheese Addiction:

  • Cheese addiction can be considered on par with drug addiction because they contain traces of morphines.
  • The concentrated caseins in cheese when combine with these morphines, turn into casomorphines.These substances give immense pleasure when eating and so give a drug-like effect.
  • It gives effects like sedation and sleep induction and when ate in pregnancy can cause autism in the new-born.
  • The phenylethylamine content of cheese gives an aphrodisiac effect and stimulates pleasure center in the brain. They also act as anti-depressant and have mood elevating nature.


Ways of  fighting cheese addiction

  1.  Do not leave too much gap between meals.
  2. Have a nutritious breakfast so that the craving for cheese in the later part of day would reduce.
  3. Try to reduce the overall cheese and dairy intake gradually.
  4. Try to avoid eating when emotional so that you don’t search for cheeses in all moods.
  5. Above all first accept that it is your problem which needs rectification and then initiate measures voluntarily.


Fight cheese addiction, so that you do have to go for the dairy product more than required.


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How To Fight Cheese Addiction?