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How To Fight Chocolate Addiction?

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Chocolate addictionChocolates, the yummy and delicious food, is a favorite of many. The moment we think of chocolates, we feel like eating it. But when this craving for chocolates exceeds a limit and a person becomes addicted to it, they become “CHOCOHOLICS”. Fighting chocolate addiction requires tremendous self-control. Here are some facts associated with this  addiction.







Hazards Linked With Chocolate Addiction:

  • No food is good when consumed in excess and chocolates are never an exception. When eaten in more than recommended quantities, chocolates have some role to play in our body as follows:
  • Serotonin, which is released during eating chocolates are capable of increasing the risk of pre-menstrual syndrome in women. While certain studies have revealed a contradictory result that the pre-menstrual syndrome releases serotonin hormone and that causes craving for chocolates in women. Of Course, sounding contradictory!
  • A study in Finland has exposed that, chocoholics salivate at the moment they see chocolates and also they behave abnormally and anxious when they are held away from chocolates. Improper eating habits were also witnessed in some cases.
  • Chocolates are found to have potential mood-altering substances, which could act on the neurotransmitters of your brain.
  • The ones, who have a tendency to eat chocolates secretly, had a higher level of peculiar eating.
  • Some of the chocoholics have revealed that they eat chocolates just because they feel satiated on consuming them.


Treatment For Chocolate Addiction:

Here are some self-control methods, by which you can overcome your chocolate cravings.

  • Find out the base of your craving, whether it is psychological or forced by external pressures.
  • Rather than eating bars of chocolates, have a small portion of it with your meals and thereby reduce the intake.
  • When you feel like having chocolates, divert yourself and go in for some other healthy alternatives.
  • Try to get rid of chocolates from your house.


Chocolates are beneficial for our health. But never over-eat these yummy foods since they may target your brain rather than your taste buds. Beware Chocoholics!


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How To Fight Chocolate Addiction?