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How To Fight Lemon Addiction?

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LemonAddiction to lemon may sound strange. But is been found in a remarkable number of people, in a level, requiring treatment. Fighting lemon addiction may not be the need of the hour. But let us wake up before we hear the alarm. 






About Lemon Addiction:

  • Lemon addiction is the condition of being fond and even crazy about having lemons, in a very large number every day, for their tangy and sour taste.
  • The person addicted to lemon, would have the habit to crave for the taste and flavor of lemon in almost all the food stuffs he/she eats. No matter if it is a curd or papad or biryani or burger. They need it stuffed with lemons!
  • There are different cases of lemon addiction, where the number of lemons consumed vary from 4-6 per day.
  • Some are addicted to soft skinned lemons while some are pulled towards hard skinned lemons.
  • The habit ranges from slicing it and eating along with the rind to squeeze it over all kinds of dishes.
  • Being a great source of Vitamin C lemons are surely good for health. But when the consumption is beyond limit, no food is going to have positive effects on health.
  • In general, overconsumption of vitamin C is said to cause vitamin B12 deficiency and also hinder the effects of certain medications.


Symptoms And Illnesses Associated With Lemon Addiction:

  • The symptoms of overconsumption of vitamin C are:
  1. Strong smelling urine
  2. Nausea
  3. Digestive disorders
  4. Mouth Ulcers
  5. Teeth enamel discoloration.
  • These minor symptoms may cause serious illnesses’ like
  1. Kidney diseases
  2. Diabetes
  3. Hypoglycemia etc.


Treating Lemon Addiction:

  • Treatment for lemon addiction requires the particular person’s personal wish to do so.
  • Lifestyle modifications like diverting mind when eating, going in for other tasty food items when feel like having lemon etc,, may help in fighting this addiction. But the lust for lemon, is been considered as a fancy statement, which must be taken care of by the family members since these tangy taste lovers do not find their addiction a problem at all.


So pals, it is never too late to get out of lemon addiction. Admit, accept and get rid of it.


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How To Fight Lemon Addiction?